Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Very large black dog sitting on my shoulder.

Mower is repaired, I told the mower man to make sure he charged OH for the repair, he quoted £25.00, he gave me £10 back when OH was not looking. All the grass has now been cut.

Blood test this morning then on into Melton to do some shopping, fresh fruit etc for our holiday, if we go. I also got a sonic thing that is supposed to scare cats away. I am sick of cats using our garden as their toilet, they can just go and crap in their own yard for a change.

OH is very subdued and quiet........he jolly well need to be. Enough said.

I am doing nothing else today, he can do what he likes, I am sitting and reading. Supper is ready to be cooked, beef and beans stew.

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