Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Today is my eldest daughters 36th wedding anniversary.

There are two people missing from the photo who will not be celebrating with us, Jeffs Dad passed away in 1995 and Nick, standing in front of Karen in 2015.

The photographer called for the brides family to join a photo,Jeff, David my ex, Mark and Nick were missing. They were sitting in our car listening to the football on Radio Leicester!! 

This Photograph is framed and hangs on the wall in the hall. Karen has lost her veil, her Dad stood on it and ripped it off. I was not a happy lady, I spent hours sewing baby lace all round the edge of the thing!! I eventually unpicked it and used the lace on some of Becci's baby clothes.

Its a bright morning, we are off to see the new baby this afternoon, with side visits to Aldi and Wilko's. DB is muttering about  putting the wood for the beds together. as usual he wants to do it 'his way' I would like it done the right way..........handbags at 10 paces!!! I have told him I want nothing to do with it and he is not to come maoning to me when it does not work. He is a severe PITB.

I have no plans for the morning, I peeled enough spuds yesterday for tonights supper, they are in the fridge. Beans left from last night just need heating up and I will cook the sausage when we get back whilst the spuds are cooking  when we get back.

Chap coming tonight to do the gate. DB and I had a conflab yesterday and have decided to extend the paving over to the laurel hedge, I will have to move 4 plants, but thats the wettest part of the garden, it might as well run under the slabs, we are just having 10 put down, there is plenty of bare earth to drain the rain away. Parts of the garden are cracking already and its not summer yet. I really need to get a couple of tonnes of small  pea gravel  and silver sand to put over the soil and let it get worked in. I just cannot face barrowing the stuff round from the front. This is the worst soil we have ever gardened on.

DJ with his mum,

Great Grandma, Nanny, Mummy and DJ.

Not a really successful visit, despite arranging to go this afternoon, when we got there they were out. We sat in the car for 20 minutes, I was about to set off to drive home when they turned up. No apology, in fact grand daughter did not speak until I said 'good afternoon' to her.

We stayed just an hour and came home. I am keeping my thoughts to myself.

It rained quite heavily as we travelled into Leicester. Not a successful trip to Wilko, although we did get tent pegs from Aldi. Wilkos have stopped making the shower gel we used to use, so I need to look for a replacement. I bought a bottle to try it.

Quickly cooked supper when we got home, sausage mash and the remains of the beans from yesterday.

The chap has been and put the hinge back on the gate so we can close it, he is coming back tomorrow to fit a third one in the centre and alter the lock tomorrow.

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