Sunday, 9 April 2017


After yesterdays fiasco I now have to sort out a repair place and get the cable replaced. There is somewhere fairly close to us, but I need to go and suss it out, its off the busy Nottingham Road and I do not want to have to do an emergency stop with the mower in the back, that's if I can get it in the car. May have to detach the handle. So much for putting back the removal money, it has slipped another month back, if he carries on at this rate it will never get put back!! I will be mowing the grass until I can afford to get someone to do it for me.

Its another lovely sunny day, washer is on, I stripped the bed, it will dry. Its not to be so nice tomorrow but will wash the towels anyway, they will hopefully dry.

DB has removed himself from my sight by hiding in the garden somewhere. I told him yesterday if he ends up back in hospital I will not be looking after him.......I have had enough. He just does not consider anyone but himself, and despite numerous warnings to take it easy and not do too much, he just goes his own sweet way, well, he can continue and I will go mine.


We went out this morning to find the lawnmower place. When we got there it appeared to be empty, there was a chap in the yard who told us the business went bust 12 months ago, but he gave us a card for a mower man in a local village. I will phone him in the morning and see what he has to say. I am not sure if he is mobile or if we will have to take the mower to him.

Its been another really nice day, the wind began to get up a bit this afternoon so the sheets etc were brought in and folded ready for ironing.

DB did not go for his siesta........he ended up sitting outside. Things have been rather frosty between us can stay that way.

As we went out this morning we ran into the 10k marathon round the vale.....I had forgotten it was on, it finished at our village hall so the car park and village was rather full, we came back a different way, avoiding the runners, although the bike riders were also out in force.


  1. What a bother it is when someone won't pay attention and goes off in a sulk or whatever. This is why the joke during our nearly 45 years of marriage has been "Divorce isn't an option, but murder is a possibility!"

    Am glad that someone could give you a recommendation for getting your lawnmower repaired. Since we moved here about 15 years ago, our best recommendations have come from our next door neighbor who has been here about 35 years.

    Today is another cleaning, clearing, decluttering day as our visitor is on his way thru Tennessee on his motorcycle today. At least his room is ready.

    Hang in there, friend!


  2. Accidents occur even when you are taking care and I think I can safely say that men are just a bit more cavalier with such things as mowers than women. Your husband was actually trying to help by mowing the lawn. Life's too short (or it might've been very short indeed on Saturday, I know, if not for a circuit breaker!) to be angry with him. And as men age, they do often seem reluctant to give in, and press on with jobs even when they're over-tired. The carrot rather than the stick usually works, I've found. Give him a time frame for a job and say, for example, "Let's both finish our chores by (such and such a time) and then we can (watch a film, have a cup of tea, whatever.) This might be a better approach. Just a thought.
    Margaret P


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