Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sunday, Sunday

It was bright when we finally made it our of bed this morning. An hour in the garden for me. Not that I managed to do much, the soil near the bungalow is so heavy. I did manage to weed some of it, cut back a couple of plants and repot the acer, the roots were coming through the bottom of the pot. I have also top dressed the Camellia and azalea with ericaceous compost.

The soil is so heavy you could make dinner plates with it.

The Crown Imperial, early flowering this year.

The top of the garden, see the rhubarb, think I will be having a market stall!!

Any idea what this is? I think its a weed!!

The Rhodi still in its pot, the soil needs to dry out a bit and I also have the move the photinia which will get swamped.

Re potted Acer, just breaking into leaf, top dressed the Camellia and azalea.

DB spent his time on the new veg beds. An hour was quite long enough for me. If its fine tomorrow I may do another hour after the library van has been.

Roast pork for supper tonight, I bought a butternut squash yesterday, will roast it with the potatoes.


  1. It's nice to see your flowering plants. In N.W. Ohio the forsythia are beautiful and the walleye from Lake Erie are heading upriver to spawn. We could still have a late snow but always hope that by tax deadline day, April 15, the tulips will be out. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  2. Lovely garden photos and am glad you didn't over-do it working in the damp, heavy soil. Our soil has clay close underneath it so that, too, is a bother.

    DH is washing and waxing the cars as the pollen has already started turning things dirty yellow. Our azaleas and lilacs are starting to bloom as are the pink dogwoods.

    I hope to sew a bit but have a few tasks to do to keep on schedule to be ready for our guest on April 10.


  3. Anne your garden is looking really great now. Such hard work though as we age. Your soil looks awesome, so dark and rich - ours is red clay and turns into concrete (or perhaps terra cotta!) when waterlogged. Digging and lifting is beyond me now, just can't manage all that heavy work. Fortunately Bob doesn't have the shoulder/arm problems I have so I leave much of the heavy work to him. I feel like a wimp but I can only do so much.

    Your rhododendron should be lovely in a few years - looks like a healthy plant. Just remember they are poisonous, all parts! I only have one remaining out back - and not very attractive in shape - the darned tiny voles ate the roots of all the others - guess the poison doesn't bother them, grrrrr!

    My acer is awesome - getting so huge but I've no idea where/how to prune it. I looked at online videos and most seem against pruning - will have to soon though or it will take over the front garden!

    Wish I was your neighbor so I could buy some of that rhubarb - I love it!

    Hugs - Mary


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