Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sunday - How to plant a clematis or any plant

Using the gel from disposable nappies (diapers)

This morning it is fine but with a breeze, quite pleasant. I had been wanting to plant a clematis I had grown from a cutting, I decided today was the day. 

Using the gel from the nappies that had kept our plants going whilst we were away. If you are using a fresh nappy, pour a jug of water on it and leave for 15 minutes or so, the gel will quickly take up the water and begin to swell.

I scrapped the gel out of the nappy, There is some cotton wool in there, it does not matter, it all helps.

A bowl of compost.

Mix the gel into the compost as if you were making pastry.

Water the plant in its pot so its easier to get out

Dig a hole away from the fence.

The hole needs to be deep enough to take the plant in its pot, Do not dig it too deep. Tip the plant out of the pot and just loosen the roots.

Put the plant in the hole and angle it backwards towards the fence, I have trellis on the fence which I want the clematis to climb up.

Back fill the hole using the compost with the gel and firm down.

Then use some of the soil you dug out on top of the compost, firm it down, I go round it with my boot and make sure its well firmed in. Add a bit more soil if you need to.

Clematis like their roots in the shade but their head in the sun, they do not like full sun on the roots, so place a piece of stone or slate over where the roots are.

Water it in and that's it. The gel will keep the plants watered when its dry, it seems to last quite a while before drying out, if, like us, you have clay soil it will help to break up the soil, in free draining soil it keeps the water where you need it.

I did find it easier if you are just wanting the gel, and not to use the nappy as a reservoir, to cut the outside part of the nappy. Using it to stand plants in pots on, its better to slit the inside and open out to contain the gel, the outer covering of the nappy is more or less water tight, keeps the gel where it should be.

So the rest of the day, apart from prepping the supper is going to be spent reading or surfing the net.

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