Saturday, 8 April 2017

Stupendous Saturday

The sun is shining fit to bust, I put a mixed load in the washer on a cool wash and its almost dry. The weather is supposed to be ok tomorrow so will strip the bed it will also be out on the line early.

DB decided to clean out his shed, stuff flying all over the place. I have re-potted the plants I bought the other week and put a couple more in the garden. DB is going to mow the grass after his siesta. I am going to dig out the Camellia and pot it up before it starts flowering. I also went onto the front and wove in the stands from the clematis that were making their way towards our neighbours fence. The pot with the green hosta in is on the front, I need to put some liquid feed on it.

Not a lot going on here just now, life has calmed down a bit. I am thankful that my health seems to be improving at last. I do get tired, but my energy levels seem to be better. I am being strict about working an hour and then sitting for a while.

Bacon fritatta, jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad for supper tonight. I have the chicken defrosting for tomorrow.


Well DB really excelled himself today, he mowed over the cable to the lawn mower, good job it was connected to a circuit breaker.....No way is he going to be allowed anywhere near the mower again, guess who will be mowing the grass from now on!! I am spitting.........can hardly bring myself to talk to him. He is a b****y idiot.

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