Saturday, 1 April 2017

Shopping Day

It was fine when I got up so put a load in the washer, it rained!! It was still spitting when I put it out, but it has dried, I need to fetch it in before it rains again. When I was putting the washing out I managed to slip on the grass and take the skin off the side of my foot on the edge of the path, thankfully it did not bleed much, but is now turning an interesting shade of purple!!

Off to Aldi. They had rhododendrons in for £5.99, quite big too, so one found its way into the basket, I have put the pot where I want to plant it, in front of our neighbours fence, hopefully it will grow fairly quickly and she will not be able to see through into the bottom of the garden where I am planning a little seating arbour.

I spent £55 on groceries, that includes food to cook and take with us on holiday. I need to get my bum into gear and start pulling stuff together.

My quilting friend is due back tomorrow from Cyprus, I am expecting moans, the weather has not been too good.

The top hinges on the back gate have come undone, we have had to wedge the gate shut, phone call the the fencing chappie, it needs fixed asap. I do not think the screws were big enough. It cost enough to put it in, the hinges should last more than 12 months.

Spending the afternoon reading with my feet up..................

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