Saturday, 29 April 2017


Fine morning so laundry out on the line, dried, folded up and put away.

DB playing bowls this afternoon, so a bacon sarnie for lunch, he then went for a short siesta. He will get tea at the club so I plan to have a cheesy jacket spud for my supper.

Pulled some more rhubarb, there is tons of it, will pull some more and take it to the coffee morning on Wednesday.

At last managed to get a look at the herbaceous border. Its so dry it is cracking. I will water it later. Have several plants to put in, will be digging out planting holes, mixing the contents of an unused babies nappy with compost and planting into the compost. The plants we left whilst on holiday did well using the moisture absorbing jell that is in babies nappies. I bought a pack of the largest ones, used 3 for the plants in pots. You need to soak the nappy with water, it will swell as the jell absorbs the moisture, then leave the outside cover on, but split the inside cover and remove it, the pots just sit on trays on top of the moist jel. The plants will take up the moisture as they need it. The nappies do not have to be the expensive ones, supermarket own brand are great, I bought size 6 from Lidl for just over £3. A lot cheaper than buying the packets of water retaining jel

The rest of the nappies will be used mixed in compost and also to surround the roots of plants, the jel holds the moisture for a long time. In our very clay soil its the only way I can see to keep some of the plants going. I will let you know how I get on. They should cut down on the amount of watering we have to do. DB will also put the jel into the planting holes for the beans and lettuces etc that will be going into the garden shortly, once the risk of frost is past. It also works well in hanging baskets and containers which can suffer badly in dry weather.

A relaxing day for me, I might do the ironing shortly and maybe spend an hour or so in the sewing room. I need to sort out samples of the things I make to take to show the gallery owner where the artisan fair is being held. We are going over to see her on Tuesday. I need to source some christmas fabric for mats etc.

Two nights running no supper to cook...cannot be bad.


I have just spent 2 hours watering the garden, there are big cracks in the soil. The strawberries are in full flower, hope we do not get a frost it will kill them, will have to get DB to put fleece over the bed.

Going to cook my jacket spud in a while........


  1. Interesting tip!
    Thank you

  2. Just what you need a nice relaxing day with an easy supper for you. I love cheesy jacket spuds.

    Amazing tip about using nappies (diaper) thanks very much.


  3. Great tip re the nappies! Doesnt sound that much of a relaxing day! Back to strong winds here.

  4. You sound a lot brighter today, which is a good thing. You have been busy, haven't you? My goodness, what a way to use nappies! I'd never have thought all that up - was this recommended somewhere, or did you simply work it out for yourself? Nappies as part of gardening, that's a novel idea, is it not? As long as we don't have to sprinkle baby powder on the new shoots, ha ha!
    Husband has done the ironing for me, he's a good 'in, he really is. But when we're tired we simply help each other. A relaxing day for us, too (apart from the ironing, which really needed doing, and the hanging out of washing, but my new washing machine is a gem, I'm really impressed with it - a Whirlpool top of the range. It weight the clothes and is on for as long as it decides the washing requires, clever or what?)
    You can't beat a bacon buttie, can you? My favourite breakfast is bacon & grilled tomatoes (on which I sprinkle dried Basil) on toast for breakfast; we have this on Saturday mornings, porridge Monday to Friday, and then perhaps scrambled eggs on toast in bed on Sunday morning with the papers and lovely strong coffee. Bliss.
    Have a good weekend, so glad you sound much better.
    Margaret P

  5. A relaxing day is just what you needed and deserved so am happy to hear that's what you're having!

    Love the brilliant idea to use clean nappies to keep plants well watered! Ta!!

    Hope you easily find the Christmas things you've made and tucked away and that you find a wonderful source of beautiful and economical Christmas fabrics for future projects. If you were in the US, I'd suggest the search at and at Both were great sites when last I looked.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet of your sweet bungalow while DB is away at bowls!

    Well, it's happened. I'm 66 as of yesterday. Yikes!! :)


  6. Love the nappy idea-we were just talking this morning about how we could get our plants to survive when we are away in early June-thank you. I managed to get Christmas bunting from a shop in Stirling yesterday for a charity christmas fair. Happy weekend. Catriona

  7. We keep a couple of nappies on the boat, they are great for getting water out of the lockers and engine bay

  8. Hi Catriona,thanks for tip,where would I place the nappies in the hanging baskets?under soil or on top ? A bit naive I know but would love to try this, as they can be a pain to keep moist!


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