Monday, 24 April 2017

On holiday

Lousy internet connection, we have decided to leave Thursday a day early.

Confirmation, this is no longer the right type of holiday for us.


  1. Where are you on holiday?
    Sorry if things aren't great, hopefully it will improve over the coming days and you will enjoy a change of scenery.

    Hugs, Mary

  2. Miss your blog and would like to hear about your holiday even if you have decided it is not the right type of holiday for you.

    Hope you both are well.


  3. Thats a shame. Had hoped a break away would have helped. xxx

  4. Sorry you are not enjoying your holiday and about the poor internet connection.

  5. Hope you and DB have a wonderful time while on holiday even tho the internet connection is bad and other things about the site or area don't suit you to a T. Hope the quilt shop is lovely and the sea views are beautiful.

    It's still raining here. Glub, glub, but at least it's gentle rain and not stormy.



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