Wednesday, 5 April 2017

OMG look at the wrinkles!!

What a shock when I saw this photo, still I suppose its not that bad for a 74 year old. Wonder if I should have a face lift before the wedding??? Joking of course, could not afford it for a start, people have to put up with what I look like, my face is lived in!!

A fine morning, we went round to the little chapel for coffee......Nothing done in the garden this morning. I have decided to get another bag of wood mulch and spread on the herbaceous border, will top it up with compost from B & Q. hopefully the worms will drag it down and help to break up the soil. I doubt I will live long enough to see friable soil, but you never know. It will be a case of no dig unless I am putting plants in or moving them.

Quiche and salad tonight for supper, it should have been belly pork, but I forgot to take it out of the freezer yesterday, so Saturdays dinner tonight. Pork on Saturday, or may be tomorrow.

I need to make the lemon drizzle cake for the chaps at the woodyard. We have a bag to take back and I am going to order another bag of wood chippings. before I spread them I need to put in and move some plants in the border.

Decided to do a bit more weeding this afternoon, the weeds seem to be getting bigger by the minute. I also need to tie in the clematis into the trellis and put in the rose tree which we are going to piggyback on two trellis's.


  1. I think the photo you dislike is a matter of the position of your head. I'm sure you look great. Cameras often catch the most unflattering sides of us. A smile makes up for a myriad of other issues. Keep Smiling, Dear Friend.

  2. I always get a shock when I see a photo of myself. Its whats inside that counts - and taking Lemon Drizzle cake to the chaps at the woodyard.

  3. I agree with Barb in that wrinkles show where decades of smiles and laughter have been and the camera flash causes shadows that don't usually show. Fret not! You're certainly holding a sweet baby boy!

    How thoughtful of you to make a lemon drizzle cake for the men at the woodyard. That won't go amiss at all!

    I have a lot of weeding to do, but need to make things presentable indoors first.

    Back to it ...


  4. My uncle, in old age, said that when he looked at himself in the mirror he was "in disguise"!
    Margaret P

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