Monday, 10 April 2017

Melt down moment

I knew it was coming, and all over the lawn mower, DB insisted it would go in the car, I knew it would not, he blew a gasket.......said he wanted out of the marriage so I told him to go!! Funny he is still here. He knows damn fine no one else will have him, his precious son has not been to see him for months. I am sick and tired, very tired.

The mower is in the car after I unfastened the handle even then he wanted to put it in the wrong way.....aarrgghhhh......I am really fearful for my mental health.

I cannot be bothered to do any cleaning the place can go to the dogs for me.


  1. So sorry to hear this. Try to remember that you need to look after yourself first in order to stay well. I hope you will get someone soon to help with the garden before any serious accidents happen or you have amental break down or a heart attack. Keep safe. Catriona

  2. It sounds impossible to carry on. mediation is always a help to clarify the way forward. I made a new life at 40,hard but worth all the trouble. I kept seeing myself happy and single,knew it was right to go my own way.

  3. Thinking of you and hoping things improve very soon.
    Best wishes.
    Pam in TX.xx

  4. Just know we all have meltdowns such as this, and, when you think back, it's often over silly, small things - sometimes we can't even recalled what triggered it! Hope it all blows over - hug and make up. Our menfolk need us desperately at this time of life and we have to be patient I guess. I'm stubborn too and we are sometimes at loggerheads over domestic things. For me this bathroom renovation has been the pits - he hates the upheaval (it's the bathroom he uses) and has no vision at all regarding colors, making changes, time it often takes to get the people moving along so things fall into place. We are now just waiting on the new glass shower doors and then all will be completed thank goodness.
    As for what I hope to do in the kitchen later this year, I dread the thought of what I'll go through with the husband more than the workers, haha!

    As for the garden. . . . . won't even go there today, it's another bone of contention much of the time but he wants remain here, can't get him to move to a lovely new one level condo with very little to care for on the outside!

    Thinking of you - hope your week gets better Anne. Take a break from the cleaning - you need to rest up a bit.
    Mary x

  5. I wonder if some of your impatience is due to your own precarious health. I know you are a fighter and at times you must be hanging in there . . .just! He broke the lawn mower so he must take responsibility and get it mended. You have both been under the weather and last year was rotten.
    Take a deep breath and take one day at a time. Sorry to be so ponderous and cliché full but you need to look after yourself. Take care love Andie xxx

  6. So sorry that you are at such a desperate place physically and emotionally. Hopefully DB will come to his senses and apologize. ket the garden go just a little bit. Get a chap to cut it who uses his own equipment. It just isn't worth the upset.

    Take care of yourself. Eat what you like and rest.

  7. Ooh dear!! Men they can be so stubborn, - but do look after yourself and don't do too much. - Me and my late hubby had some humdingers over 41 years, especially after his diagnosis, pleural mesothelioma (asbestos cancer). He was the bravest person I know and in such pain near the end, - But to put things in perspective what I wouldn't give for him to come whistling in the door, even for only five minutes.

  8. Oh dear Anne - look after yourself - your health is what matters - tell him to sort it out himself and walk away and leave him to it.
    He'll soon come to his senses and realise how lucky he is - take care, my dear and importantly take care of you xxxx

  9. Please look after yourself and let DB sort out his problems. They need us more than they realise and it may take a while until he finds out. Take care of yourself and I hope you get some comfort from the good wishes from your bloggy friends. Su


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