Friday, 7 April 2017

Friday and I am freezing

R & J came this morning. R helped DB put the wood round two of the beds, so they are ready to use, I just need to get compost to put in.

J & I sat in the kitchen, I had a pot of beef stew on, made tea for the workers and chatted generally. J had not seen the wet room since it was completed, nor the re-jigged sewing room.

After they left bearing rhubarb, apples, gooseberries and blackberries from the freezer I moved the photinia and planted the Rhododendron whilst DB cleared up.

2 raised beds completed. I will get the wood for the other two beds when I can afford it. The one on the left has shallots in, although the left one looks wider it is actually the same width as the right hand one.

The Rhododendron is now in the ground, it should flower, it was very pot bound, fingers crossed we do not get a frost.

The line marking where the patio is going, actually looking at the picture its not straight.....hmmmmm.

It has been quite sunny, but after lunch when DB went for his siesta I was freezing, so turned the heat back up. I must have fallen asleep at some point, woke up when DB came in after his rest.

Fish wedges and garden peas for supper tonight, just need to cook it.

I guess that Hester and S are at their boat now, preparing to sail off into the sunset taking their new home to its permanent mooring, it will take them a while, safe journey, it will be a bit of a steep learning curve for them. I am so pleased we managed to see them before they took the boat home. Bon voyage and safe journey......

This time in 2 weeks we will be on our way on holiday. I need to get my brain into gear and start sorting stuff out.

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