Friday, 28 April 2017

Coming Home day

Except we are already home!!

Another load of laundry done, dried on the line, sunny and blue sky. One more load to go tomorrow and all will be 'washed up'.

Step sons birthday today, my DD2's birthday in 12 days, they will both be 49, times flies.

Shopping, lunch at Sainsbugs, compost from Morrison and the car filled up with fuel.

Now, opinions grand daughter is getting married in October, the invite came this week, a bit early, but still. They have asked for money not presents........I am not too happy about this, I was going to give them money anyway, but it seems a bit cheeky to me, what do you think? Maybe I am old fashioned, but to me a wedding is the time to ask for things that will be used in a future home, not money which can be squandered away on nothing. They do not have a home they are living with my daughter, no sign of anything, they cannot afford to buy, so council has been approached. GD knows that new houses are going to be built close to her mothers, she told me some time ago she wants a new house, not a 'grotty one someone else has lived in'. I also know from experience that there will be no thank you for what ever we give them. You will remember we went to see the baby a few weeks ago, GD did not even speak to us until I spoke to her. The baby quilt was never acknowledged either.

I was brought up to say thank you for things and I brought my children up the same way, it seems now that good manners have gone out of the window and its taken as a right to be given things. Just my opinion....fwiw..............

We enjoyed our fish and chips, cooked to order and a decent plate full, apart from making a sandwich at supper time thats it for today.

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