Monday, 3 April 2017

Busy Day

Two loads of laundry out on the line, one lot is almost dry. Have also steam cleaned the kitchen and wet room floors as well as the Monday clean. I am crackered.

Its the day for the mobile library, so books sorted out to go back, will be looking for one or two extra as we are away at the end of the month.

DB spent the morning in the garden. The chap came about the gate, he is going to put another hinge on and also use stronger screws. I have asked him about putting a few slabs in the corner of the garden where we would like to sit. Will see how much its going to cost. It will make a shady seating area if we get a sunny summer.....

No gardening for me today. If P is at the mobile library I will ask her round for a coffee, she does not see many people and appreciates a chat now and then. Will also remind her its the coffee morning at the chapel on Wednesday.

Checked the bank this morning, all that lovely money dribbled out, its the beginning of another month....hey ho.

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