Saturday, 18 March 2017

Wot a dull day

Very dull and overcast today, it started to rain just before lunch.

DB went out to the shed, he was looking for something he could not find, so decided to tidy it up. He also weeded the path up past the shed to the garden.

I went across to see our neighbour this morning, he is looking a lot better, off his oxygen for more than an hour at a time just now. His son is here from South Africa and he has been taking him out in his wheelchair.

An order yesterday for a bag, slightly smaller than the demo bag, I have the measurements, plan to cut it out tomorrow, would like to get it done next week.

Nothing planned for this afternoon,will sit and read for a while, then might do a bit of sewing, see how I feel.

Corned beef stovies for supper tonight.

Stovies recipe is on the recipe page at the top of my Blog.

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