Wednesday, 8 March 2017


I might have known, 6am this morning DB was complaining his stomach was burning, he has only taken 2 of the tablets....heaven help me!!  He has not taken any more, this is just getting ridiculous. Its getting to the stage where he just cannot take any antibiotics. I told him to tell the dentist he wanted the rest of his teeth out and dentures, mind you, he would find something to moan about with them. He has to go in at 4.50 to see the dentist.

It was wet first thing, but cleared up, DB washed the car and then did some work at the top of the garden.I prepped a cheese, potato and onion pie for tonight and also cooked the beef for tomorrow, going to do a meat and spud pie. Have enough meat to freeze for a second supper.

I have managed to do some more of the sewing down of the binding on the baby mat, no sign of the baby yet.....she will be a week overdue tomorrow.

I had a message from one of my younger sons old workmates, I had sent him a message for his birthday. Like us he and his family miss Nick desperately. I still find it difficult to believe that he will not walk in the door.

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