Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Woke to rain this morning, so no gardening for DB, he is sorting out his seeds and planting plan instead.

Electrician has been and sorted the PV panels, the chap is here putting in a new gate post, DB had to dig up a hebe and stick it in a pot, it will go in once the post etc is finished.

Pot of scotch broth made and also have done the gratin for tonight, just need to put the bread crumbs on the top, once the sauce has cooled down. Will do jacket spuds and baked tomatoes with it.

Not a good nights sleep last night, I was reading and DB complained about the light.........why? he usually sticks his head under the bedclothes, not last night. I was feeling bloody minded, so carried on reading.....naughty girl. We had to be up early for the workmen to come, so I am not popular this morning, he is grumpy....tough.

I may start sewing his gilet after lunch, I also want to do a freezer audit, have enough fresh veg etc for this week, but will need to go shopping next week. I need to sort out what food we are taking with us on holiday at the end of April. I will cook the turkey crown for supper on Easter sunday then I can take some of the meat with us. I like to take as many frozen main courses as I can and we plan to eat out a couple of times as well.


Looks like we may have some more rain, the sky is very dark. Gate post is in the chap is coming back next week to tighten up the wire fence once the gate post is solid in the cement.

DB had his siesta, I admit to a short Nana nap in my chair, very comfortable thank you. 

I promised our neighbours son I would go over and check on them, so will nip over in half an hour or so. I know B like to have a sleep in the afternoon. Have not seen her since she had her op on her leg. Son and his wife flew back to South Africa last night.

Soup at lunchtime was excellent and there is enough for another couple of lunches. Gratin is in the oven on auto pilot, I just have to switch on the remoska  with the jacket spuds and baked tomatoes in about 4.30. We are eating at 5.15 today rather than 6pm.

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