Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Well there has been an attack  on Parliament, it would appear that a woman has died......things are very jumbled just now but it has been declared a terrorist attack. There is wall to wall on TV, all programmes have been cancelled to cover what is going on.

Our day is very tame in contrast.....we were away early, DB went for haircut, I went to the bank to pay money in and also pick up shoe boxes that Argos owed me from January.

Morrison for a couple of things, then took the carrera marble lamp to the electrician to get a new lamp holder fitted. A top up shop at Lidl for 10 days.

DB used to do surveys and get gift cards, they used to be for Tesco, but recently they changed to Sainsbury, I do not shop at Sainsbury so was at a bit of a loss as to how we were going to use the cards. Our neighbour told us that Sainsbury do a really good fish and chip lunch, so we decided to partake.

The meal was cooked to order, the fish was delicious and the chips and peas freshly cooked, so we really enjoyed our lunch and a pot of tea. I just had to put a pound to the cards, fish and chip for two and tea for two came to just over £13.00.

It rained heavily whilst we were out, but since we got home the sun has come out. I have had to dry the laundry in the dryer or on the radiators, no way would it have dried outside,

Tomorrow we are going to have a look at the rise and recliner chair in Loughborough, and also to the wood yard to order the wood for the raised beds.

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