Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Bright morning, laundry out on the line to dry, forecast not so good for tomorrow, looks like we will get strong winds again.

Off to friends this afternoon for tea and cake, via the charity shop, we have a load of nearly new books and also some jigsaws for the shop.

DB is out sorting out his spuds, he wants to get them in, personally I would have waited a bit longer, but according to DB despite growing veg for a number of years, I know nothing!! What's new?

Better nights sleep last night, I fell asleep reading.........

Need to cook the salmon for tonights supper, will also do the salad, so I do not have to do it when we get back, I can just put the meal on the table. We are not eating dessert just now, I occasionally make one on Sunday but thats its.

I need a bit of a rant, new baby has a dummy.....I hate the children all sucked their thumbs. ok I know thats not pc either but neither is picking up a dummy a child has thrown on the floor, sucking it yourself and then shoving it back in the babies mouth....yukkkk.......... A friend of mine had a son who was still sucking a dummy at 6!! horrid things.

Back from a good afternoon with our friends, they are off on their mission to Somerset and Dorset at the weekend.

I managed to get 2 loads of washing dried today, all folded and ready to go away. I also managed to get 2 scissor holders sewn this morning. I had a job with the machine skipping stitches, changing the needle sorted that.

The supper is all ready to put on the table. I made some potato salad as well as a green salad, just need to put the oil on the green salad.

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