Wednesday, 1 March 2017


A fabulous sunny day, we had a quick trip into Melton for our neighbour, as we came back and turned onto the road down into the vale the sun was sparkling off the windows in the village. Along the road side the daffodils are starting to come out, the snowdrops are still in flower along the road sides as well, very pretty.

I did sleep better last night. DB brought me my breakfast and then I got up, we went round the the little chapel for a cup of coffee and then set off for Melton to put fuel in the car and do a little shopping for ourselves and my neighbour. I should not need to go shopping again for a couple of weeks. Its been ages since we had stovies, corned beef has got very expensive, but I  really fancied a corned beef and sauce crusty cob, so both cobs and corned beef went in my basket. I did enjoy my lunch!!

DB went out to cut the front grass, I went to bed and had a snooze. 

Supper tonight. mince potato and mixed veg, so as the mince was cooked yesterday not much for DB to do except reheat the mince and cook the veg.


  1. I'm happy to hear you had a better night's sleep and such a pretty day to wake up t0 - along with that nice breakfast in bed!

    You and DB have made the most of your day and am glad you got home in time for a nap. Hope you awoke feeling rested and good.

    We have a very warm, sunny day with chances of storms late this arvo, evening, and night. Much of the rain in this area in the last week has missed us, but most of the western part of the state is soggy.

    I'm doing a bit of late to the party sewing. Yes, the Mardis Gras wee quilt I wanted to make is just taking shape today. Oh, well!


  2. Good to hear you slept well and a good day.

    The daffs and snowdrops must be so pretty. Daffodils were in full bloom along the entrance to where I grocery shop, waving in the wind!

    DB seems to be doing well. Is his balance now resolved as a result of the vestibule exercIses?


  3. Pleased that you feel and are stronger. Having a decent nights sleep does help and being able to get out in the car makes you feel positive. Love Andie xxx


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