Tuesday, 21 March 2017


A lovely bright day, although quite windy. At least its dried the washing. I put out a second load of towels once I got back from the Drs.

Chiropodist here this morning, so our feet are fine for a while longer. She knows of a cleaner who is looking for some more jobs and also going to see if she can find a joiner for us to sort the door in the bathroom.

Spag bol sauce prepped for supper, also chopped up the left over chicken with onion, mixed in mayo and made sarnies for lunch, finished off yesterdays salad with it.

Melton tomorrow, DB needs a haircut, I need to go to the bank and do a bit of shopping to see us through to the beginning of next month. I have a voucher for Sainsbury, our friends tell us they do good fish and chips, so we are going to treat ourselves to lunch out. I have also done the menu for April including our holiday menu. We have pencilled in a couple of days out, those days we will eat  out at lunchtime and just have a snack for supper.

I have done some financial planning, we should have put back the cost of our move here by the end of August, so things will be a little easier for us. I will not be loosening the purse strings however. I will be spending some of it on a cleaner 2 hours a week. We may also need to get the brakes done on the car. I do put money to one side for the car, but it does not include large expenses, just insurance, breakdown etc. I may also employ someone to help DB with the garden. Cruising in the Med will have to wait!!

Will be doing a bit more on the bag this afternoon. I have put the outside pocket in, need to cut the lining and sew the inside pocket on, then it can be put together, I also ordered some more zips from E Bay for zipper bags.

DB just off for his siesta.


  1. So glad you are thinking of getting a cleaning lady and help for the garden. When health issues are getting in the way it's much better to spend your time doing things you enjoy and let someone else do the 'heavy' stuff. Enjoy your trip out tomorrow.

  2. Exactly what I was going to write, Janice. Priorities...

  3. I so agree with Janice and Ellen as it makes good sense to you your limited energy on things that you enjoy or that you can easily do even if not in your top 10 list! A cleaner to come for a short time weekly and someone to help from time to time in the garden should do nicely.

    Well done on making progress on the bag you're creating!

    I had a lazy day, did little more than running our dishwasher and cooking x 2 for DS2. Otherwise, I sat and read the better part of a book.

    Oh, I also imagined how we might use several chests of drawers that are here or next door. One or two might find their way into my wee sewing room ...?

    The weather is turning cooler for the next couple of days with really cold nights so hope the flowering things survive.



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