Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Not a good night, DB swallowed funny and started coughing, lasted for over half an hour, he fell asleep but was coughing in his sleep, so I did not get much sleep at all.

After breakfast we set off to Bingham to return the library books and go to Aldi. I needed fresh fruit and veg and also the Aldi cheese which I like, I bought 2 large pieces which are in the freezer.

Going along the lanes there are signs of spring everywhere, lots of daffodils on the verges, hedges starting to burst into leaf and the birds are building high in the trees. My grandmother said that was a sign of a good summer....well we can live in hope. Not many lambs in the fields, its a bit early yet, but soon there will be lots of them about.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, we were waiting for the workmen to come and sort the front door handle and also the guttering at the back. Chap arrived just after 3pm, both obs done and he was away.

DB cut the back grass, and was doing one or two jobs in the garden, I was messing about in the sewing room with a scissor holder. I am not happy with the machine, it keeps missing stitches. I have had this problem before with it, will have to change the needle in the mean time have a load of stitching to undo.

Sausage casserole for supper with spuds carrots and brussels.

It was dullish this morning but a breeze, I got the towels dry outside, late this afternoon the sun came out and it looks like being a pleasant end to the day. Just another couple of weeks and we will be putting the clocks forward, lighter nights, here we come and hopefully warmer days.

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