Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Why oh why is it not possible for OH to go for more than a couple of months without something being wrong with him!! Last night he announced that he thought he had an abscess under the tooth the dentist took the root out of. I asked why he had not phoned the dentist....silence......so this morning we are off to the dentist.....aarrgghhhh........ will report back later. More expense.

Its a fine morning, the towels are out on the line, hoping they will dry. DB is in the garden, having a sulk because I told him there was no money to buy the extra wood he needs for the raised beds, I am fed up with struggling to pay the bills and put back the cash we had to use for our move 2 years ago. Sorry rant over.

I have an appointment with my GP tonight, I need to show him my thumb and also see what he says about trying again to increase the dose of medication. I am not sure the bladder infection has gone either.......not keen on mixing anti b's with the other medication, but will see what he says.

I have managed to do the ironing, and the meter lady has been and changed the meter, waiting now for SSE to ring to sort out changing the tariffs.

The front garden is looking quite cheerful, the tete a tete are mostly all out with crocus and also the snowdrops are still flowering. The clematis on the fence is starting to shoot as well.


Yes DB has an abscess, so he has medication and has to go back at the end of the month to see if the dentist can get the root out, so my torment continues. We have had several 'words' today......we will see if anything new happens, I doubt it!!

GP confirmed that I still have a bladder infection so I have more tablets. He has not put my Ramipril medication back up, he wants to wait until I have got rid of the UTI/ He did look at my thumb, but is not worried about it.

Supper tonight, eggs, wedges and beans..............

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