Thursday, 9 March 2017


Bright but very windy, trees really swaying again.

Baby news, he will be born today, DGD has been in hospital since Tuesday, tried various things to start her off as there appears to be no water surrounding the baby, but her waters have not broken......

As suspected a further visit to the dentist yesterday, abscess gone, so root is coming out tomorrow, why am I filled with dread????? I had planned to go and see my quilting friend, no way......put the visit off to Saturday instead.

Cooking meat and potato pie for lunch, we are out tonight at the Bowls club for a beetle drive, the supper is a burger in a a smell of baking pie is drifting through.

OH managed to fall again in the garden, his knee gave way, he got up himself and came in. He has cleared out  and tidied the coal house and weeded almost half the long herbaceous border. I do so want to get out there myself, but still exhausted. Maybe once the bladder infection has cleared I might start to feel less tired. Heres hoping anyway.

The front is looking pretty just now and there are signs of life in the back. Some of the daffs are out.

As we came back yesterday the fields are full of sheep.....I guess lambing is due to start if it has not already. The trees along the lanes are gradually turning green, there is a faint green haze.

My new Great Grandson, born at 16.26 today weighing 8lbs 4 ozs.

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