Thursday, 23 March 2017


This time yesterday TV was showing live pictures of the carnage on Westminster Bridge, today the investigations continue, innocent people dead, one a mother of 2 children, another a policeman also with two children. I am so sad and very angry that once again we have been targeted by extremists, worse still the authorities knew about him.

We set off to the wood yard after breakfast and ordered the wood for the raised beds, it will be delivered next week, then on to Loughborough to look at the relaxa chair, it will be delivered tomorrow, so this afternoon I had to move the sitting room round a bit to make room for it. Photo when its in place.

The bag is finished and ready to be delivered tomorrow once the chair has arrived.

It was very misty over the vale when we went out but the mist cleared and by the time we came home, the sun was shining. Its still quite cold though.

I raked out a container of beef stew from the freezer, veggies done ready for supper. We had pate on toast last night for supper after our fish and chip lunch, finished off a piece of christmas cake we were given and I forgot about.

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  1. My sympathy to all who were affected by yesterday's outrageous attack and wish the world's people would learn to live peacefully with our individual differences that make us each special. As I was taught as a child, my rights end where the next person's nose begins. Big hugs, my friend.

    What good news that the lumber will arrive next week for the raised beds and that your new chair will arrive tomorrow! Will there be room between and/or beside each chair for a small side table where lamps, books, and "stuff" can go for each of you? I look forward to seeing the photo of the new arrangement!

    It's another sunny, cold day here but tomorrow is forecast to be much warmer. It's also the start of the library book fair so am having a talk with myself about what book(s) we can possibly need when we have so very many books.



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