Friday, 10 March 2017

The morning after the day before

We had a good time last night at the bowls club, the beetle drive was fun and the hot dogs made with local sausage great, we enjoyed ourselves.

The babies name is Denny - Joe, B's paternal grandfather was Dennis, DGD was very close to him, he used to collect her from school when DD1 and SIL were  working. His name was Dennis, babies dad is Joe, so the two names go well together.

He was delivered by C - section, in a rush as his heart rate dipped. Grandma was not able to see him last night but she is going in this morning, I guess mum and baby will be in for a few days. I know there will be lots of photos........

DB has an appointment to get the root of his tooth out this morning, fingers crossed please, its not going to be an easy day. I need to go to Wilkos in the town whilst he is in the dentist, will then walk round and collect him. I will have to drive home, no way am I allowing him to drive.

It was cold first thing, there are signs of the sun coming through, maybe another nice day.

DD1 catching some sleep whilst waiting for denny - Joe to make his appearance. She will kill me if she sees this!!!

Back from the dentist, root out, no idea why he did not do it when he took the tooth out and it broke. DB is in bed having had a soft roll with corned beef, milk and stewed apple for his lunch.

I am going to put my feet up in his chair shortly, will finish binding the playmat and hopefully get DJ's name etc put on it in time to send it off on Monday. We will not be going over to see the baby yet, give them time to get home and settle.

We are out for breakfast tomorrow and then going on to my quilting friends for tea and a natter.

Fish, mash and peas for supper.

DJ and his Mum, he is just 24 hours old. Love his hat!!

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