Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sunny Sunday

Another sunny day, the sheets are in the washer, they will dry on the line......

We are invited to DD2's for tea today which is nice. I forgot and got the lamb out yesterday, it will have another day in the red wine in the fridge, will have it tomorrow night for supper. A snack will do us at lunchtime.

OH is out finishing off the front garden, we are due a delivery of wood and wood mulch, some of the wood mulch is going on the front, so need to make sure its weed free as far as possible, the wood is for the raised beds in the back.

No plans for the day other than going to DD's for tea, I have heard from DD1, nothing from DS1 not that I expected anything.......its years since I heard from him, very self centred  even when he is sober. His partner does not approve of me, sanctimonious madam, has no room to talk.

I have a sleeveless zipped body warmer pinned out, OH has been asking me to make it for at least 5 years, suppose I had better get on with it before the bowls season starts. Then I have a couple of new ways of making existing things I want to try out, plus a table runner.At some point E and I will go over and see the gallery owner where the Artisan Fair is being held, it will be good to have some new things to show her.

The tulips in the pots have come out, so I plan to move them round the back, will pop the pots in bits where there are bare spaces. DB says the front grass needs cutting so if its fine he may do it tomorrow.

Right time to go through and remake the bed.

The front garden this afternoon.................


  1. Happy Mothering Day to you! How nice that you and DB will be going to DD2's for teatime today. Sweet!

    Well done on getting to work on the sleeveless warmer for DB. As I've gotten older, I've needed the same type garment when it's cold and damp. I look forward to seeing the other things you want to make using new techniques.

    Methinks I need to borrow DB to sort out our front and back gardens as DH has hurt his left elbow and with my fatigue, the garden is going to seed. Sigh!

    Our weather has warmed to the point I should take the lovely snuggly cotton flannel sheets off of the bed. We both find then wonderful to sleep on, so wouldn't mind waiting a while to get the cotton sheets out. If you don't yet have flannel sheets, you should consider getting some. They should be on sale now.

    Oh, and the "I'm not a robot" thing happens every single time I post and has done for nearly 2 weeks. Where is the "I'm STILL not a robot" button?! :)


  2. Your garden looks so lovely.
    Very cheerful.

  3. I love how you guys keep so busy! I find it inspiring. Your garden looks lovely too.

  4. Nice garden photos! Have you thought of letting morning glories, climbing roses, or some such lovely plant climb your fences? Even climbing beans would love that fencing.

    More hugs!


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