Friday, 24 March 2017

Sunny Friday

Pity I have not laundry to go out!!

It started bright, then went dullish for an hour or two, but the sun is shining again now.

The chair arrived just before 10am, it is higher than DB chair and my feet touch the floor when I am sitting in it without the footrest up, its very comfortable.

Looking from the door to the  sitting room, My chair is further back then DB's to allow access to the kitchen, plus he needs to sit closer to the TV to see it properly.

Sitting in my chair looking towards the door into the hall.

DB spent an hour in the front garden weeding the beds, the daffs etc make it  look very pretty just now. I need to make sure I get all the large daff bulbs out and dry them off, I will plant them in the back in the autumn.

The bag was finished and I have delivered it, also had news re the Artisan Fair in November, E and I are going over after Easter to take some of my stuff and suss the place out.

I have a Drs appointment this afternoon, expecting him to put up the Ramapril again to see what happens. I also have a sample for testing I am sure the UTI has not cleared despite the last lot of medication.

Grilled fish tonight with jacket spud and salad.

We are off on a jolly tomorrow, so I need to make up some rolls tonight for a picnic.........

More information coming out about Wednesdays attack, another person died last night, so sad. A large sum of money has been raised for the policeman's family. They are going to need every penny.


  1. Nice room arrangement and am so glad there was room for your new chair! The light from the windows should make your chair a wonderful place to read.

    Your beautiful quilt looks lovely on the back of your settee. Have you thought of making wall quilts to hang either over the fireplace or over the TV and chair? You know how many wall quilts of various sizes and for seasons and holidays I've made since we moved here.

    Do I remember that the wall heater to the right of the settee was supposed to be taken out so you could use the wall area? I think I see a drying rack there so perhaps you chose to keep it.

    Hope your medical appt. this arvo went well and that you'll soon feel lots better.

    Have fun tomorrow! I look forward to hearing about it.


  2. I am still so jealous of you living in the bungalow. As you know I was brought up in one that is so like yours that everytime you send a photo I feel at home immediately. Would you believe that in the lounge my mum managed to accommodate a small three piece suite; a utility sideboard and a piano. However, for many years we did not have a tv just a radio or wireless as we called it then. We had an open fire with two doors so we could shut them to keep the coal safe. My dad could make anything and we also had a small childs chair that he made me in the lounge. All that and at Christmas, Easter and my birthday we managed to move the kitchen table into the lounge and have parties. I never remember it feeling cramped or crowded, as you know I only have happy memories of living in the little bungalow. Love your chair it looks like it was made to fit in there. Love Andie xxx

  3. Bet you'll enjoy that comfy looking recliner Anne!
    Hope you health issues improve soon and that the two of you will be getting out and about now spring is here - hopefully warmer weather will arrive for your jaunts!
    Mary x


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