Sunday, 5 March 2017

Soggy Sunday

I woke just after 7am, read for a while until DB woke and then made the brekkie, we got up, had a shower and off out.

On the way to DD2's it started to rain, which quickly became sleet....yukkkk by the time we left DD2's it had stopped, but very cold.

Lidl for some shopping and then home.

Shopping away, I made tuna mayo sarnies with cucumber for lunch and we retired to the sitting room, I decided to light the fire, so nice and cosy.

Supper is prepped, pork with roast tatties and veg, no dessert, although I do still have a stack of apples to use up, will have to sort them out soon otherwise we will have no room in the freezers for this summers crops.

I seem to be improving a bit more each day, so fingers crossed I am over the worst and out the other side. I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday, will see what he has to say.

No sign of the baby, I must finish binding the quilt, then all I need to do is embroider his name and date of birth on the playmat and it can go to its new home.

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