Sunday, 19 March 2017

Slow Sunday

Our usual laid back Sunday Breakfast in bed. Once up I prepped the veggies for supper then spent the rest of the morning reading.

I have cut out the bits for the bag thats been ordered, overlocked all round the edges of the bag to stop the fabric fraying. Have also cut out the pockets for the outside and the lining. Just have the handles to sort and I can start putting it together.

I decided to put an advert in the local village newsletter for one to one quilting tuition, will see what happens, if I get a couple of ladies, its better than nothing, will keep me out of mischief.

Rather a dull windy day, the sun keeps trying to break through but then gives up in disgust........the wind is quite cold too.

Roast chicken for supper with all the trimmings.

DB is about to go for his siesta, so I will be using his relaxa chair for half an hour. I could do with one for myself, but no room to put one. I bought DB's about 10 years ago from a stall in the market at Beaumont Leys which sold various bits of furniture, its been a really good buy. 


  1. I'd jump at the chance of quilting tuition if I lived nearer! Hopefully, you'll get some takers as it's so hard to find a class that offers actual tuition not just a craft and chat. Catriona

  2. How wonderful to have a well deserved relaxing day. The dinner prep behind you, the rest of your activities are your choice!

    I look forward to seeing your fabric choices for the bag you're making. Did the person who ordered it also mention her preferred colors or fabric pattern (floral, plaid, or _)?

    Friends of ours replaced their sofa with a smaller love seat and two recliners so they could each have a recliner. Another couple we know replaced their sofa with a variety of chairs so they could also have two recliners. That might be worth consideration unless you enjoy your settee too much to replace it with chairs.

    We had rain overnight so all is soggy.


  3. If i lived nearby i would jump at the chance to learn quilting. One to one tuition with an experienced quiter would be great I know you will have plenty of takers.

  4. I keep havering about these chairs. I perch on our settee with 2 fat cushions at my back.. which still hurts.

  5. I feel like I'm checking in with a friend daily, even though we've never met. I think it's great that you're sharing your expertise with other people. I'm a visual learner so I learn by watching rather than from a book. I think that's how most people learn?

  6. Thank you for the stovies recipe. My mother used to make something similar called Blind Hash. I really like corned beef but you are so right it is a little bit fatty. Just had the rest of the Shepherds pie that I made yesterday, I always like things better the day after, I suppose it marinades a little. Hope you have a lovely week and the weather improves so you can get into the garden. Love Andie xxx


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