Saturday, 4 March 2017


Bright morning, breakfast in bed whilst a load of laundry whirled round in the washer. DB helped to hang it out.

I am feeling better, but still weak so taking it steady, my appetite seems to be improving a bit too, which is all to the good. At least I have lost that walking through treacle feeling.

Its been very wet so no gardening for DB, we are both reading a lot just now.

I am hoping to get into town tomorrow, there are a few things that are getting low, I do not have the strength to do a full shop just now, so it will be bits and bobs. Will call and see DD2 at the same time.

No baby yet, they think he weighs 7 lbs 14 or thereabouts, hope he does not cook for much longer, he will be huge.

Sun is shining, so quite a nice day, hopefully the washing will dry, the heating has switched itself off, as it did yesterday, warmer days on the horizan???

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