Monday, 20 March 2017

Rain, sleet, snow, sun

All in the one day.

It was fine first thing,then it started to rain, by lunchtime it was sleeting and then finished up slinging it down........the sun has just come out......

I have been swithering for a while about getting a rise and recliner chair for myself.......our sitting room is not large, and I do not want to loose the settee, how ever I think I have found a way. We are going to look at a chair there on Thursday.

Monday clean done plus the kitchen. DB wielded the dyson for me, also cleaned the windows  inside at the front they were looking a bit grubby.

Chicken  left from last night cut up for supper tonight and enough to make sandwich filling for lunch tomorrow.

I have cut out the straps for the bag, need to overlock the edges which I will be doing shortly, I also need to cut the lining, then I can sew the handles and start putting the bag together.

I ordered a sim card for the MiFi, it came this morning, I am going to make a zipper bag to take the Mifi and the charger, so everything is together. I can also put the cable to my phone charger in it, I can never find it when I want it.

Did not sleep too well last night, it was 5am again before I drifted off, its beginning to annoy me now.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear you once again didn't sleep well last night. What a bother! Hope you had a lovely nap either on the settee or in one bed or the other.

    Do you measure furniture, wall space, and then pencil in where you might put what to make better use of the space? In your case, room for that second recliner? That's what I do and I really enjoy the pondering tho my sketches aren't anything special. Hope the chair you want fits into your sitting room with minimal fuss and bother.

    Good plan to make a bag to hold all the components for your MiFi as that will making packing for outings and holidays much more simple.

    It's sunny and chilly today with overnight rain in the forecast and I have errands to run.



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