Monday, 6 March 2017


A bright day, but the wind made it feel quite cold.

I did not sleep too well, DB was up before I woke. Monday clean done with help, also mad soup for lunch and washed the kitchen floor. 

Chap came from the council to sort out the problems we have with the solar, he is going to get an electrician to come and check it for us.

Library bus here this afternoon, P came round for a coffee as usual. She does not see many people during the week, so like to come and have a chat now and again.

DB spent an hour in the garden this morning, the ground needs to dry out a bit before I try to get on it to weed and sort out planting shrubs that have been overwintering in pots. I also need to put down some chicken manure.

Healthwise I am getting there, much better than I was this time last week, so will see what the Drs says tomorrow.

Still no baby, whats new its a boy, both my boys went over.


  1. I'm glad to hear it's a pretty day there as it seems I always feel better when the sun is shining, even if it's chilly outside. It's sunny and warmer here today so that's pleasant.

    How nice it is for the library bus to come to your area and for P to be able to get out of her home to visit with you and DB a bit.

    Hope the doctor finds you well on your way to a return to good health and good energy levels.

    I hope to get a green star block with many pieces together this week but will have to see how my energy holds out.


  2. Good to hear you're doing better but please take it easy. Love, Helen xx


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