Monday, 13 March 2017

Has spring arrived

We had a fabulous sunset last night.

I slept quite well last night again. Woke to the sun shining, bed striiped, washed and on the line.

I wanted to do a clean through to see how long it took me, so apart from my sewing room the bungalow has been cleaned through and the floors washed, I also managed to make a pan of soup from yesterdays gammon stock for lunch. It took me just 2 hours, if I can do it in my state of health someone else should manage it no probs. I am quite upset, a lamp we bought many years ago has fell to bits this morning, it is a marble base with a cream chiffon shade. I took it off the stand it is on to dust it and it fell to bits in my hand. I will take it in to the shop in the town and see of they can rewire it for me.

I am shattered now, will be spending the afternoon reading.

DB has done a bit more to the border, he also walked down to the post office for me to post the parcel. It would have been cheaper for me to take it, it cost £2.98!!

Its a lovely spring day although its still chilly in the wind. We used less gas last week, the heating switched itself off.

I need to have a sort through my fabric and see what I can make for the sale in November. I have some Christmas fabric left but not a lot. It will be late summer before the stocks for  Christmas 2017 come in, so I will see what general type things I can make.

Supper tonight is cold gammon ham and salad.

Yesterday they said we could go home!!

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