Friday, 31 March 2017


Despite spending yesterday morning shovelling wood mulch and shifting lengths of wood, I do not have any aches and pains.

We had a lie in after our early start yesterday, made it for breakfast around 9am. I had not had a decent sleep, but whats new?

DB has been out in the garden this morning. I am annoyed I did not put laundry in last night, it would have dried on the line. Will put it in tonight if the forecast is ok.

Spent the morning sorting next months budget and doing a bit of financial forecasting, everything is going ok, fingers crossed the car gets through its MOT ok in June. I may ask the garage to look at the brakes, they have said every year for the last 3 that the brakes will need doing at some point, would rather get them done than have the car fail.

Freezer audit done, do not need much meat this month, DB wants to go to Bingham tomorrow for more pegs for the weed suppressant, so we might as well go to Aldi at the same time.  I also plan to have a look at the gallery where the artisan fair is being held.

Fish and salad tonight. I have taken some fruit out of the freezer, we need to use up quite a bit to make room for this years harvest. I still have blackberries from 2 years ago........there is a chicken carcass in the freezer, I plan to make stock for leek and lentil soup to take with us on holiday, need to get into gear, just 3 weeks till we go.

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