Friday, 17 March 2017


Not such a nice day, very cloudy and quite a strong wind. No rain as yet.

DB cut the back grass and the edges in the front. I went round to the Friday group and left some things with E. I doubt they will buy anything, not up their alley I guess.

Back home I cut out another zipper bag and made it up. The delivery driver from Wiltshire Foods came, turns out she is just learning to quilt. Quite an interesting conversation. 5 eals are in the freezer for us to try out.

After lunch, leek and potato soup, DB retired for his siesta. I read for a while. Since finishing the zipper bag I have cut out another scissor holder to use up some left over fabric. I am not going to make too many, been left with a load before.

Fish, mixed veg and mustard mash for supper tonight. I bought some bananas the other day so we will have half a one each after supper.

Still no word from GD re the parcel I sent her. I am not happy......what happened to saying thank you for something when its sent. one thing is very sure there will be nothing else goes that way.

No plans for the weekend..... depends on the weather.

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  1. You accomplished a lot today with the visit with E's Friday group, the zipper bag you sewed up, the quilting conversation you had with the delivery driver, and well deserved reading time.

    Do you suppose reading glasses would fit into the scissor cases you made? Since we have cats that walk on furniture, I keep my glasses in a hard case every night. I put my scissors in the case I bought decades ago at a quilt show as it is quite pretty.

    I agree that the good habit of thanking people for gifts has gone by the wayside with many younger folks and more is the pity.

    We have sunshine and warmer temperatures today and I made a quick trip to the library before having lunch.

    Needless to say, the new St. Patrick's day wall quilt isn't finished but I am wearing green as I am part Irish (among other European lines).



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