Friday, 3 March 2017


I was carted off to hospital yesterday when things ramped up a bit, will not go into details, but it was not pleasant. The ambulance crew decided to 'pop me' 30 miles down the road to hospital to get checked over.

I was dealt with very swiftly and efficiently, the CDU was very busy. I will be home later.

They think I have had a nasty virus as my wbc was up by all the other blood tests were OK. I have also had the results of my MRI scan, things may not be as bad as first thought. I will get an appointment eventually.

Will be having a duvet day, it's raining, nothing spoiling. DB did manage something to eat, he fried some left over sliced potato and an egg, so did not starve. I must order the WFF make sure there is stuff in.

Thank you for all the messages, my readers are lovely people.

Update: CDU is clinical Decisions  Unit, it's like A & E triage.......I have spent most of the day in bed, did get up for supper, have just had a shower, changed my Jamie's and come to bed again.

There is a basket full of laundry needs doing, DB will be getting instruction in the morning.

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