Saturday, 11 March 2017

Coming down to earth

After a couple of manic days.

OH is taking pain killers, so no moans as yet and he is managing to eat ok.

Mother and baby are doing well. I have managed to finish the playmat.

I will parcel it up and send it off with the cards on Monday. I did have a bit of a problem with the writing but its done.

We are off shortly for our breakfast at the chapel, will come home,collect the car and go off to my friends for tea and chat.

Its quite a dull morning, misty first thing, no sign of the sun breaking through as yet.


We enjoyed a big breakfast for lunch, after wards we went back home to collect the Car. I had been asked about doing an Artisan Fair at the end of November, so E came with me to have a look at some of the stuff I have in stock, she bought a bag a present for a friend, she also asked me to go round on Friday morning with a couple of things for her group, the equipment bag and the scissor holder.

We went off to see my quilting friend, she is suffering badly with her knee just now. We enjoyed tea, bakewell tart and a chat before setting off for home.

The weather has been very misty all day and the mist was thickening as we turned down the raod into the vale.

Supper, the meat and spud pie left from Thursday with brussels and carrots.

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