Thursday, 16 March 2017

Another bad night

I was awake just after 1am, it was after 5 the last time I looked at the clock. Did not get up early.

Pot of leek and potato soup made for lunch. Cheese fritatta for supper with tomato and celery salad. Loaf in the bread maker, it is just cooking smells delicious.

Its been quite a misty day. DB was in the garden this morning, he has just walked down to the post office to get the TV Choice so we can see whats on TV next week.

I have sorted some stuff out to take round to E's group tomorrow I have a picture on my I Pad of the second bag I made for the class, so will take that as well, some of the ladies may be vertically challenged like me and prefer a wider rather than longer bag.

I found a couple of hard backed note books, I must have bought them years ago. I plan to make covers for them. Got my thinking cap on just now to see what else I could make for the sale.

Not done much today, decided it was a day of rest, have been busy earlier in the week, so time to put my feet up.

The bed in the back garden is looking quite good, lots of growth coming, I seem to have all the daffs at the bottom end of the garden somehow. Will rectify that in the autumn


  1. Oh, dear! Am sorry you didn't sleep well last night. Have you discovered any common denominator such as food/beverage or a TV thriller when you cannot drop off the sleep easily (and DB is quiet)?

    Am sorry I missed lunch with you as I love potato-leek soup and fresh homemade bread. Yum!

    It's sunny and cold again today but we have hopes of a warmer Saturday.

    Hope you got my emails about the caddy.


  2. Just a thought.....have you ever considered making "Mug Rugs" They are a simple small project to make up in no time.


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