Saturday, 25 March 2017

A sunny day for a jolly

First call was at my quilting friends, we took her a stick to take on holiday with her. A cup of tea and a lemon and poppy seed cake went down well.

We then set out faces turned south to Weedon, the home of The Bramble Patch, its 10 years since I last went and it has altered quite a bit, they now have a conservatory where they serve tea etc, very nice. I came out with 3 small kits that I can use the patterns for again. A table runner, a different zipper bag and a different tissue holder.

We sat in the car park and ate our lunch, then set off to the marina at Crick to see hard up hester, her L & M and the little granddaughter they had with them.

It took us a while to find the boat, although they have changed the name it has not been changed on the boat itself and for some obscure reason I thought it was painted green....wrong, its blue.

They are still working on it, I must admit its a very nice boat, and we had a great chat over a cup of tea. 

Its a huge Marina lots of boats, some of them are on permanent moorings, people living on them.

Looking across to where hester boat is moored.

We left to travel home just before 4pm. It has been a lovely sunny day and we have really enjoyed ourselves. It was so good to meet the faces behind the names at last. We hope they have many happy years aboard their boat.

As we came doen the hill into the vale, the sun was shining, I managed to take a couple of pictures, but they seem a little hazy.

Looking over towards Nottingham

Long Clawson at the bottom of the hill, Hose is over to the right.

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