Thursday, 30 March 2017

8 10 am this morning

A very large lorry arrived.

Up it goes......a large bag of wood mulch.

Next the wood, all bundled up nicely

Stead as she goes.......


and over

I was shovelling the mulch into the barrow using the snow shovel, knew it would come in useful for something other than snow!!

We spread some of the mulch in the front garden first, if there is any left after we have covered the paths it will go on the front. I will get another bag in a couple of months and do the herbaceous border as well.

We had a well earned break half way through. I put the wood for the bed edges on the trolley bit by bit and wheeled
 it round to the back, its stored against the walls at the back for now.

Everything moved, we had a bit of a tussle with the weed suppressant on one of the paths, the wind had got up and it decided to blow all over the places. I have put wood on it to hold it down until DB gets some more pegs.

Cooked the mince and prepped the carrots for supper, mince and dough balls, carrots and I have some frozen brussels to use up.

Made scones whilst I was waiting for the soup to heat through, so we had something to eat with our afternoon tea.

The wind has dropped, sun out, could be a pleasant afternoon, I am too crackered to do anything but laze in my chair, with my feet up, and read.!!

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