Friday, 31 March 2017


Despite spending yesterday morning shovelling wood mulch and shifting lengths of wood, I do not have any aches and pains.

We had a lie in after our early start yesterday, made it for breakfast around 9am. I had not had a decent sleep, but whats new?

DB has been out in the garden this morning. I am annoyed I did not put laundry in last night, it would have dried on the line. Will put it in tonight if the forecast is ok.

Spent the morning sorting next months budget and doing a bit of financial forecasting, everything is going ok, fingers crossed the car gets through its MOT ok in June. I may ask the garage to look at the brakes, they have said every year for the last 3 that the brakes will need doing at some point, would rather get them done than have the car fail.

Freezer audit done, do not need much meat this month, DB wants to go to Bingham tomorrow for more pegs for the weed suppressant, so we might as well go to Aldi at the same time.  I also plan to have a look at the gallery where the artisan fair is being held.

Fish and salad tonight. I have taken some fruit out of the freezer, we need to use up quite a bit to make room for this years harvest. I still have blackberries from 2 years ago........there is a chicken carcass in the freezer, I plan to make stock for leek and lentil soup to take with us on holiday, need to get into gear, just 3 weeks till we go.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

8 10 am this morning

A very large lorry arrived.

Up it goes......a large bag of wood mulch.

Next the wood, all bundled up nicely

Stead as she goes.......


and over

I was shovelling the mulch into the barrow using the snow shovel, knew it would come in useful for something other than snow!!

We spread some of the mulch in the front garden first, if there is any left after we have covered the paths it will go on the front. I will get another bag in a couple of months and do the herbaceous border as well.

We had a well earned break half way through. I put the wood for the bed edges on the trolley bit by bit and wheeled
 it round to the back, its stored against the walls at the back for now.

Everything moved, we had a bit of a tussle with the weed suppressant on one of the paths, the wind had got up and it decided to blow all over the places. I have put wood on it to hold it down until DB gets some more pegs.

Cooked the mince and prepped the carrots for supper, mince and dough balls, carrots and I have some frozen brussels to use up.

Made scones whilst I was waiting for the soup to heat through, so we had something to eat with our afternoon tea.

The wind has dropped, sun out, could be a pleasant afternoon, I am too crackered to do anything but laze in my chair, with my feet up, and read.!!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Woke to rain this morning, so no gardening for DB, he is sorting out his seeds and planting plan instead.

Electrician has been and sorted the PV panels, the chap is here putting in a new gate post, DB had to dig up a hebe and stick it in a pot, it will go in once the post etc is finished.

Pot of scotch broth made and also have done the gratin for tonight, just need to put the bread crumbs on the top, once the sauce has cooled down. Will do jacket spuds and baked tomatoes with it.

Not a good nights sleep last night, I was reading and DB complained about the light.........why? he usually sticks his head under the bedclothes, not last night. I was feeling bloody minded, so carried on reading.....naughty girl. We had to be up early for the workmen to come, so I am not popular this morning, he is grumpy....tough.

I may start sewing his gilet after lunch, I also want to do a freezer audit, have enough fresh veg etc for this week, but will need to go shopping next week. I need to sort out what food we are taking with us on holiday at the end of April. I will cook the turkey crown for supper on Easter sunday then I can take some of the meat with us. I like to take as many frozen main courses as I can and we plan to eat out a couple of times as well.


Looks like we may have some more rain, the sky is very dark. Gate post is in the chap is coming back next week to tighten up the wire fence once the gate post is solid in the cement.

DB had his siesta, I admit to a short Nana nap in my chair, very comfortable thank you. 

I promised our neighbours son I would go over and check on them, so will nip over in half an hour or so. I know B like to have a sleep in the afternoon. Have not seen her since she had her op on her leg. Son and his wife flew back to South Africa last night.

Soup at lunchtime was excellent and there is enough for another couple of lunches. Gratin is in the oven on auto pilot, I just have to switch on the remoska  with the jacket spuds and baked tomatoes in about 4.30. We are eating at 5.15 today rather than 6pm.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Another misty morning. DB finished laying down the weed suppressant for the paths in the veg garden. I managed to sort out the ironing and also started pinning DB's gilet together. Once I get going it will not take me long to make it. Not too happy about it having a collar, but will see how I get on.

I have been looking at tutorials about making fabric boxes, looking for ideas for the fair. I found a couple of really good ones on You Tube.

Took the remainder of the meat off the lamb shoulder, we will have jacket spuds and tomato and celery salad with it for supper tonight. I also put some soup mix in soak, will make a pot of scotch broth tomorrow.

DB went for his siesta, I put the foot rest up on mynew chair and read for a while.

Our neighbours son and DIL have started their journey back to South Africa, I have promised to go over tomorrow and check how they are. B had an operation on her leg last week, so she will not be very mobile just yet.

I was pleased to see the two photos last night of DJ with his quilt. He looked very comfortable. We are hoping to go over and see him one day next week. I need to go to Aldi shopping and there is a shop near where they live. Just need to do a freezer audit and see what I need to get.

It started off misty this morning, the sun peeped through just after lunch, but the mist seems to be forming again now, it was a bit warmer today, the wind has dropped.

We have the workmen from the council here tomorrow, the gate post needs replacing and the electrician is coming to look at the solar panels, so an early start for us.

Monday, 27 March 2017

DJ wrapped in his quilt

Mummy and DJ asleep under the playmat.

Just recieved DJ wrapped in his quilt.

Murky Monday

Its a grey day so far, the forecast  is for it to get better so the towels are out on the line. fingers crossed they dry.

DB ready to go out and start to lay the weed suppressant down on the paths ready for the wood chip when it arrives later this week, we hope.

I am about to tackle the Monday clean. I need to get some carpet cleaner and spot clean the carpet.


Even managed to fettle the work surfaces in the kitchen, so everything done and dusted.

DB has laid the weed suppressant down for the paths, one pice had gone fly away already.

Brighter this afternoon, the laundry on the line is drying, will finish it off on the airers and might put the towels in the dryer for 15 minutes.

 Two of the tubs flowering away, grape hyacinths tulips and daffs.

The herbaceous border

The weed suppressant laid down under the where the woodchip paths are going.

Its brighter but cold, will be turning the central heating up a bit, its chilly.

So far no reaction to the increase dose of medications, so fingers crossed its going to be ok, just one more blood test and another 2.5mg increase and I will be on the prescribed dose. I must admit I am feeling so much better, trying to be careful though.

If things go to plan I will be starting the cleaner when we get back from our holiday at the end of April. I will see how DB goes before starting to sort out a gardener.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sunny Sunday

Another sunny day, the sheets are in the washer, they will dry on the line......

We are invited to DD2's for tea today which is nice. I forgot and got the lamb out yesterday, it will have another day in the red wine in the fridge, will have it tomorrow night for supper. A snack will do us at lunchtime.

OH is out finishing off the front garden, we are due a delivery of wood and wood mulch, some of the wood mulch is going on the front, so need to make sure its weed free as far as possible, the wood is for the raised beds in the back.

No plans for the day other than going to DD's for tea, I have heard from DD1, nothing from DS1 not that I expected anything.......its years since I heard from him, very self centred  even when he is sober. His partner does not approve of me, sanctimonious madam, has no room to talk.

I have a sleeveless zipped body warmer pinned out, OH has been asking me to make it for at least 5 years, suppose I had better get on with it before the bowls season starts. Then I have a couple of new ways of making existing things I want to try out, plus a table runner.At some point E and I will go over and see the gallery owner where the Artisan Fair is being held, it will be good to have some new things to show her.

The tulips in the pots have come out, so I plan to move them round the back, will pop the pots in bits where there are bare spaces. DB says the front grass needs cutting so if its fine he may do it tomorrow.

Right time to go through and remake the bed.

The front garden this afternoon.................

Saturday, 25 March 2017

A sunny day for a jolly

First call was at my quilting friends, we took her a stick to take on holiday with her. A cup of tea and a lemon and poppy seed cake went down well.

We then set out faces turned south to Weedon, the home of The Bramble Patch, its 10 years since I last went and it has altered quite a bit, they now have a conservatory where they serve tea etc, very nice. I came out with 3 small kits that I can use the patterns for again. A table runner, a different zipper bag and a different tissue holder.

We sat in the car park and ate our lunch, then set off to the marina at Crick to see hard up hester, her L & M and the little granddaughter they had with them.

It took us a while to find the boat, although they have changed the name it has not been changed on the boat itself and for some obscure reason I thought it was painted green....wrong, its blue.

They are still working on it, I must admit its a very nice boat, and we had a great chat over a cup of tea. 

Its a huge Marina lots of boats, some of them are on permanent moorings, people living on them.

Looking across to where hester boat is moored.

We left to travel home just before 4pm. It has been a lovely sunny day and we have really enjoyed ourselves. It was so good to meet the faces behind the names at last. We hope they have many happy years aboard their boat.

As we came doen the hill into the vale, the sun was shining, I managed to take a couple of pictures, but they seem a little hazy.

Looking over towards Nottingham

Long Clawson at the bottom of the hill, Hose is over to the right.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Sunny Friday

Pity I have not laundry to go out!!

It started bright, then went dullish for an hour or two, but the sun is shining again now.

The chair arrived just before 10am, it is higher than DB chair and my feet touch the floor when I am sitting in it without the footrest up, its very comfortable.

Looking from the door to the  sitting room, My chair is further back then DB's to allow access to the kitchen, plus he needs to sit closer to the TV to see it properly.

Sitting in my chair looking towards the door into the hall.

DB spent an hour in the front garden weeding the beds, the daffs etc make it  look very pretty just now. I need to make sure I get all the large daff bulbs out and dry them off, I will plant them in the back in the autumn.

The bag was finished and I have delivered it, also had news re the Artisan Fair in November, E and I are going over after Easter to take some of my stuff and suss the place out.

I have a Drs appointment this afternoon, expecting him to put up the Ramapril again to see what happens. I also have a sample for testing I am sure the UTI has not cleared despite the last lot of medication.

Grilled fish tonight with jacket spud and salad.

We are off on a jolly tomorrow, so I need to make up some rolls tonight for a picnic.........

More information coming out about Wednesdays attack, another person died last night, so sad. A large sum of money has been raised for the policeman's family. They are going to need every penny.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


This time yesterday TV was showing live pictures of the carnage on Westminster Bridge, today the investigations continue, innocent people dead, one a mother of 2 children, another a policeman also with two children. I am so sad and very angry that once again we have been targeted by extremists, worse still the authorities knew about him.

We set off to the wood yard after breakfast and ordered the wood for the raised beds, it will be delivered next week, then on to Loughborough to look at the relaxa chair, it will be delivered tomorrow, so this afternoon I had to move the sitting room round a bit to make room for it. Photo when its in place.

The bag is finished and ready to be delivered tomorrow once the chair has arrived.

It was very misty over the vale when we went out but the mist cleared and by the time we came home, the sun was shining. Its still quite cold though.

I raked out a container of beef stew from the freezer, veggies done ready for supper. We had pate on toast last night for supper after our fish and chip lunch, finished off a piece of christmas cake we were given and I forgot about.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Well there has been an attack  on Parliament, it would appear that a woman has died......things are very jumbled just now but it has been declared a terrorist attack. There is wall to wall on TV, all programmes have been cancelled to cover what is going on.

Our day is very tame in contrast.....we were away early, DB went for haircut, I went to the bank to pay money in and also pick up shoe boxes that Argos owed me from January.

Morrison for a couple of things, then took the carrera marble lamp to the electrician to get a new lamp holder fitted. A top up shop at Lidl for 10 days.

DB used to do surveys and get gift cards, they used to be for Tesco, but recently they changed to Sainsbury, I do not shop at Sainsbury so was at a bit of a loss as to how we were going to use the cards. Our neighbour told us that Sainsbury do a really good fish and chip lunch, so we decided to partake.

The meal was cooked to order, the fish was delicious and the chips and peas freshly cooked, so we really enjoyed our lunch and a pot of tea. I just had to put a pound to the cards, fish and chip for two and tea for two came to just over £13.00.

It rained heavily whilst we were out, but since we got home the sun has come out. I have had to dry the laundry in the dryer or on the radiators, no way would it have dried outside,

Tomorrow we are going to have a look at the rise and recliner chair in Loughborough, and also to the wood yard to order the wood for the raised beds.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


A lovely bright day, although quite windy. At least its dried the washing. I put out a second load of towels once I got back from the Drs.

Chiropodist here this morning, so our feet are fine for a while longer. She knows of a cleaner who is looking for some more jobs and also going to see if she can find a joiner for us to sort the door in the bathroom.

Spag bol sauce prepped for supper, also chopped up the left over chicken with onion, mixed in mayo and made sarnies for lunch, finished off yesterdays salad with it.

Melton tomorrow, DB needs a haircut, I need to go to the bank and do a bit of shopping to see us through to the beginning of next month. I have a voucher for Sainsbury, our friends tell us they do good fish and chips, so we are going to treat ourselves to lunch out. I have also done the menu for April including our holiday menu. We have pencilled in a couple of days out, those days we will eat  out at lunchtime and just have a snack for supper.

I have done some financial planning, we should have put back the cost of our move here by the end of August, so things will be a little easier for us. I will not be loosening the purse strings however. I will be spending some of it on a cleaner 2 hours a week. We may also need to get the brakes done on the car. I do put money to one side for the car, but it does not include large expenses, just insurance, breakdown etc. I may also employ someone to help DB with the garden. Cruising in the Med will have to wait!!

Will be doing a bit more on the bag this afternoon. I have put the outside pocket in, need to cut the lining and sew the inside pocket on, then it can be put together, I also ordered some more zips from E Bay for zipper bags.

DB just off for his siesta.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Rain, sleet, snow, sun

All in the one day.

It was fine first thing,then it started to rain, by lunchtime it was sleeting and then finished up slinging it down........the sun has just come out......

I have been swithering for a while about getting a rise and recliner chair for myself.......our sitting room is not large, and I do not want to loose the settee, how ever I think I have found a way. We are going to look at a chair there on Thursday.

Monday clean done plus the kitchen. DB wielded the dyson for me, also cleaned the windows  inside at the front they were looking a bit grubby.

Chicken  left from last night cut up for supper tonight and enough to make sandwich filling for lunch tomorrow.

I have cut out the straps for the bag, need to overlock the edges which I will be doing shortly, I also need to cut the lining, then I can sew the handles and start putting the bag together.

I ordered a sim card for the MiFi, it came this morning, I am going to make a zipper bag to take the Mifi and the charger, so everything is together. I can also put the cable to my phone charger in it, I can never find it when I want it.

Did not sleep too well last night, it was 5am again before I drifted off, its beginning to annoy me now.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Slow Sunday

Our usual laid back Sunday Breakfast in bed. Once up I prepped the veggies for supper then spent the rest of the morning reading.

I have cut out the bits for the bag thats been ordered, overlocked all round the edges of the bag to stop the fabric fraying. Have also cut out the pockets for the outside and the lining. Just have the handles to sort and I can start putting it together.

I decided to put an advert in the local village newsletter for one to one quilting tuition, will see what happens, if I get a couple of ladies, its better than nothing, will keep me out of mischief.

Rather a dull windy day, the sun keeps trying to break through but then gives up in disgust........the wind is quite cold too.

Roast chicken for supper with all the trimmings.

DB is about to go for his siesta, so I will be using his relaxa chair for half an hour. I could do with one for myself, but no room to put one. I bought DB's about 10 years ago from a stall in the market at Beaumont Leys which sold various bits of furniture, its been a really good buy. 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Wot a dull day

Very dull and overcast today, it started to rain just before lunch.

DB went out to the shed, he was looking for something he could not find, so decided to tidy it up. He also weeded the path up past the shed to the garden.

I went across to see our neighbour this morning, he is looking a lot better, off his oxygen for more than an hour at a time just now. His son is here from South Africa and he has been taking him out in his wheelchair.

An order yesterday for a bag, slightly smaller than the demo bag, I have the measurements, plan to cut it out tomorrow, would like to get it done next week.

Nothing planned for this afternoon,will sit and read for a while, then might do a bit of sewing, see how I feel.

Corned beef stovies for supper tonight.

Stovies recipe is on the recipe page at the top of my Blog.

Friday, 17 March 2017


Not such a nice day, very cloudy and quite a strong wind. No rain as yet.

DB cut the back grass and the edges in the front. I went round to the Friday group and left some things with E. I doubt they will buy anything, not up their alley I guess.

Back home I cut out another zipper bag and made it up. The delivery driver from Wiltshire Foods came, turns out she is just learning to quilt. Quite an interesting conversation. 5 eals are in the freezer for us to try out.

After lunch, leek and potato soup, DB retired for his siesta. I read for a while. Since finishing the zipper bag I have cut out another scissor holder to use up some left over fabric. I am not going to make too many, been left with a load before.

Fish, mixed veg and mustard mash for supper tonight. I bought some bananas the other day so we will have half a one each after supper.

Still no word from GD re the parcel I sent her. I am not happy......what happened to saying thank you for something when its sent. one thing is very sure there will be nothing else goes that way.

No plans for the weekend..... depends on the weather.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Another bad night

I was awake just after 1am, it was after 5 the last time I looked at the clock. Did not get up early.

Pot of leek and potato soup made for lunch. Cheese fritatta for supper with tomato and celery salad. Loaf in the bread maker, it is just cooking smells delicious.

Its been quite a misty day. DB was in the garden this morning, he has just walked down to the post office to get the TV Choice so we can see whats on TV next week.

I have sorted some stuff out to take round to E's group tomorrow I have a picture on my I Pad of the second bag I made for the class, so will take that as well, some of the ladies may be vertically challenged like me and prefer a wider rather than longer bag.

I found a couple of hard backed note books, I must have bought them years ago. I plan to make covers for them. Got my thinking cap on just now to see what else I could make for the sale.

Not done much today, decided it was a day of rest, have been busy earlier in the week, so time to put my feet up.

The bed in the back garden is looking quite good, lots of growth coming, I seem to have all the daffs at the bottom end of the garden somehow. Will rectify that in the autumn

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Bright morning, laundry out on the line to dry, forecast not so good for tomorrow, looks like we will get strong winds again.

Off to friends this afternoon for tea and cake, via the charity shop, we have a load of nearly new books and also some jigsaws for the shop.

DB is out sorting out his spuds, he wants to get them in, personally I would have waited a bit longer, but according to DB despite growing veg for a number of years, I know nothing!! What's new?

Better nights sleep last night, I fell asleep reading.........

Need to cook the salmon for tonights supper, will also do the salad, so I do not have to do it when we get back, I can just put the meal on the table. We are not eating dessert just now, I occasionally make one on Sunday but thats its.

I need a bit of a rant, new baby has a dummy.....I hate the children all sucked their thumbs. ok I know thats not pc either but neither is picking up a dummy a child has thrown on the floor, sucking it yourself and then shoving it back in the babies mouth....yukkkk.......... A friend of mine had a son who was still sucking a dummy at 6!! horrid things.

Back from a good afternoon with our friends, they are off on their mission to Somerset and Dorset at the weekend.

I managed to get 2 loads of washing dried today, all folded and ready to go away. I also managed to get 2 scissor holders sewn this morning. I had a job with the machine skipping stitches, changing the needle sorted that.

The supper is all ready to put on the table. I made some potato salad as well as a green salad, just need to put the oil on the green salad.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Not a good night, DB swallowed funny and started coughing, lasted for over half an hour, he fell asleep but was coughing in his sleep, so I did not get much sleep at all.

After breakfast we set off to Bingham to return the library books and go to Aldi. I needed fresh fruit and veg and also the Aldi cheese which I like, I bought 2 large pieces which are in the freezer.

Going along the lanes there are signs of spring everywhere, lots of daffodils on the verges, hedges starting to burst into leaf and the birds are building high in the trees. My grandmother said that was a sign of a good summer....well we can live in hope. Not many lambs in the fields, its a bit early yet, but soon there will be lots of them about.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, we were waiting for the workmen to come and sort the front door handle and also the guttering at the back. Chap arrived just after 3pm, both obs done and he was away.

DB cut the back grass, and was doing one or two jobs in the garden, I was messing about in the sewing room with a scissor holder. I am not happy with the machine, it keeps missing stitches. I have had this problem before with it, will have to change the needle in the mean time have a load of stitching to undo.

Sausage casserole for supper with spuds carrots and brussels.

It was dullish this morning but a breeze, I got the towels dry outside, late this afternoon the sun came out and it looks like being a pleasant end to the day. Just another couple of weeks and we will be putting the clocks forward, lighter nights, here we come and hopefully warmer days.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Has spring arrived

We had a fabulous sunset last night.

I slept quite well last night again. Woke to the sun shining, bed striiped, washed and on the line.

I wanted to do a clean through to see how long it took me, so apart from my sewing room the bungalow has been cleaned through and the floors washed, I also managed to make a pan of soup from yesterdays gammon stock for lunch. It took me just 2 hours, if I can do it in my state of health someone else should manage it no probs. I am quite upset, a lamp we bought many years ago has fell to bits this morning, it is a marble base with a cream chiffon shade. I took it off the stand it is on to dust it and it fell to bits in my hand. I will take it in to the shop in the town and see of they can rewire it for me.

I am shattered now, will be spending the afternoon reading.

DB has done a bit more to the border, he also walked down to the post office for me to post the parcel. It would have been cheaper for me to take it, it cost £2.98!!

Its a lovely spring day although its still chilly in the wind. We used less gas last week, the heating switched itself off.

I need to have a sort through my fabric and see what I can make for the sale in November. I have some Christmas fabric left but not a lot. It will be late summer before the stocks for  Christmas 2017 come in, so I will see what general type things I can make.

Supper tonight is cold gammon ham and salad.

Yesterday they said we could go home!!

Sunday, 12 March 2017


A quiet day. We had our usual Sunday brekkie in bed, its very dull, so nothing really done, messed about getting the supper sorted and cooking the gammon, let it cool and then sliced it, enough for tonight and tomorrow and 2 servings in the freezer.

DB spent a couple of hours in bed this afternoon, he was very dozy for some reason......

Mother and baby went home this morning, so guess all peace has gone from DD1's house for the foreseeable future. I have parcelled up the play mat, will post it tomorrow.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Coming down to earth

After a couple of manic days.

OH is taking pain killers, so no moans as yet and he is managing to eat ok.

Mother and baby are doing well. I have managed to finish the playmat.

I will parcel it up and send it off with the cards on Monday. I did have a bit of a problem with the writing but its done.

We are off shortly for our breakfast at the chapel, will come home,collect the car and go off to my friends for tea and chat.

Its quite a dull morning, misty first thing, no sign of the sun breaking through as yet.


We enjoyed a big breakfast for lunch, after wards we went back home to collect the Car. I had been asked about doing an Artisan Fair at the end of November, so E came with me to have a look at some of the stuff I have in stock, she bought a bag a present for a friend, she also asked me to go round on Friday morning with a couple of things for her group, the equipment bag and the scissor holder.

We went off to see my quilting friend, she is suffering badly with her knee just now. We enjoyed tea, bakewell tart and a chat before setting off for home.

The weather has been very misty all day and the mist was thickening as we turned down the raod into the vale.

Supper, the meat and spud pie left from Thursday with brussels and carrots.

Friday, 10 March 2017

The morning after the day before

We had a good time last night at the bowls club, the beetle drive was fun and the hot dogs made with local sausage great, we enjoyed ourselves.

The babies name is Denny - Joe, B's paternal grandfather was Dennis, DGD was very close to him, he used to collect her from school when DD1 and SIL were  working. His name was Dennis, babies dad is Joe, so the two names go well together.

He was delivered by C - section, in a rush as his heart rate dipped. Grandma was not able to see him last night but she is going in this morning, I guess mum and baby will be in for a few days. I know there will be lots of photos........

DB has an appointment to get the root of his tooth out this morning, fingers crossed please, its not going to be an easy day. I need to go to Wilkos in the town whilst he is in the dentist, will then walk round and collect him. I will have to drive home, no way am I allowing him to drive.

It was cold first thing, there are signs of the sun coming through, maybe another nice day.

DD1 catching some sleep whilst waiting for denny - Joe to make his appearance. She will kill me if she sees this!!!

Back from the dentist, root out, no idea why he did not do it when he took the tooth out and it broke. DB is in bed having had a soft roll with corned beef, milk and stewed apple for his lunch.

I am going to put my feet up in his chair shortly, will finish binding the playmat and hopefully get DJ's name etc put on it in time to send it off on Monday. We will not be going over to see the baby yet, give them time to get home and settle.

We are out for breakfast tomorrow and then going on to my quilting friends for tea and a natter.

Fish, mash and peas for supper.

DJ and his Mum, he is just 24 hours old. Love his hat!!

Thursday, 9 March 2017


Bright but very windy, trees really swaying again.

Baby news, he will be born today, DGD has been in hospital since Tuesday, tried various things to start her off as there appears to be no water surrounding the baby, but her waters have not broken......

As suspected a further visit to the dentist yesterday, abscess gone, so root is coming out tomorrow, why am I filled with dread????? I had planned to go and see my quilting friend, no way......put the visit off to Saturday instead.

Cooking meat and potato pie for lunch, we are out tonight at the Bowls club for a beetle drive, the supper is a burger in a a smell of baking pie is drifting through.

OH managed to fall again in the garden, his knee gave way, he got up himself and came in. He has cleared out  and tidied the coal house and weeded almost half the long herbaceous border. I do so want to get out there myself, but still exhausted. Maybe once the bladder infection has cleared I might start to feel less tired. Heres hoping anyway.

The front is looking pretty just now and there are signs of life in the back. Some of the daffs are out.

As we came back yesterday the fields are full of sheep.....I guess lambing is due to start if it has not already. The trees along the lanes are gradually turning green, there is a faint green haze.

My new Great Grandson, born at 16.26 today weighing 8lbs 4 ozs.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


I might have known, 6am this morning DB was complaining his stomach was burning, he has only taken 2 of the tablets....heaven help me!!  He has not taken any more, this is just getting ridiculous. Its getting to the stage where he just cannot take any antibiotics. I told him to tell the dentist he wanted the rest of his teeth out and dentures, mind you, he would find something to moan about with them. He has to go in at 4.50 to see the dentist.

It was wet first thing, but cleared up, DB washed the car and then did some work at the top of the garden.I prepped a cheese, potato and onion pie for tonight and also cooked the beef for tomorrow, going to do a meat and spud pie. Have enough meat to freeze for a second supper.

I have managed to do some more of the sewing down of the binding on the baby mat, no sign of the baby yet.....she will be a week overdue tomorrow.

I had a message from one of my younger sons old workmates, I had sent him a message for his birthday. Like us he and his family miss Nick desperately. I still find it difficult to believe that he will not walk in the door.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Why oh why is it not possible for OH to go for more than a couple of months without something being wrong with him!! Last night he announced that he thought he had an abscess under the tooth the dentist took the root out of. I asked why he had not phoned the this morning we are off to the dentist.....aarrgghhhh........ will report back later. More expense.

Its a fine morning, the towels are out on the line, hoping they will dry. DB is in the garden, having a sulk because I told him there was no money to buy the extra wood he needs for the raised beds, I am fed up with struggling to pay the bills and put back the cash we had to use for our move 2 years ago. Sorry rant over.

I have an appointment with my GP tonight, I need to show him my thumb and also see what he says about trying again to increase the dose of medication. I am not sure the bladder infection has gone either.......not keen on mixing anti b's with the other medication, but will see what he says.

I have managed to do the ironing, and the meter lady has been and changed the meter, waiting now for SSE to ring to sort out changing the tariffs.

The front garden is looking quite cheerful, the tete a tete are mostly all out with crocus and also the snowdrops are still flowering. The clematis on the fence is starting to shoot as well.


Yes DB has an abscess, so he has medication and has to go back at the end of the month to see if the dentist can get the root out, so my torment continues. We have had several 'words' today......we will see if anything new happens, I doubt it!!

GP confirmed that I still have a bladder infection so I have more tablets. He has not put my Ramipril medication back up, he wants to wait until I have got rid of the UTI/ He did look at my thumb, but is not worried about it.

Supper tonight, eggs, wedges and beans..............

Monday, 6 March 2017


A bright day, but the wind made it feel quite cold.

I did not sleep too well, DB was up before I woke. Monday clean done with help, also mad soup for lunch and washed the kitchen floor. 

Chap came from the council to sort out the problems we have with the solar, he is going to get an electrician to come and check it for us.

Library bus here this afternoon, P came round for a coffee as usual. She does not see many people during the week, so like to come and have a chat now and again.

DB spent an hour in the garden this morning, the ground needs to dry out a bit before I try to get on it to weed and sort out planting shrubs that have been overwintering in pots. I also need to put down some chicken manure.

Healthwise I am getting there, much better than I was this time last week, so will see what the Drs says tomorrow.

Still no baby, whats new its a boy, both my boys went over.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Soggy Sunday

I woke just after 7am, read for a while until DB woke and then made the brekkie, we got up, had a shower and off out.

On the way to DD2's it started to rain, which quickly became sleet....yukkkk by the time we left DD2's it had stopped, but very cold.

Lidl for some shopping and then home.

Shopping away, I made tuna mayo sarnies with cucumber for lunch and we retired to the sitting room, I decided to light the fire, so nice and cosy.

Supper is prepped, pork with roast tatties and veg, no dessert, although I do still have a stack of apples to use up, will have to sort them out soon otherwise we will have no room in the freezers for this summers crops.

I seem to be improving a bit more each day, so fingers crossed I am over the worst and out the other side. I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday, will see what he has to say.

No sign of the baby, I must finish binding the quilt, then all I need to do is embroider his name and date of birth on the playmat and it can go to its new home.

Saturday, 4 March 2017


Bright morning, breakfast in bed whilst a load of laundry whirled round in the washer. DB helped to hang it out.

I am feeling better, but still weak so taking it steady, my appetite seems to be improving a bit too, which is all to the good. At least I have lost that walking through treacle feeling.

Its been very wet so no gardening for DB, we are both reading a lot just now.

I am hoping to get into town tomorrow, there are a few things that are getting low, I do not have the strength to do a full shop just now, so it will be bits and bobs. Will call and see DD2 at the same time.

No baby yet, they think he weighs 7 lbs 14 or thereabouts, hope he does not cook for much longer, he will be huge.

Sun is shining, so quite a nice day, hopefully the washing will dry, the heating has switched itself off, as it did yesterday, warmer days on the horizan???

Friday, 3 March 2017


I was carted off to hospital yesterday when things ramped up a bit, will not go into details, but it was not pleasant. The ambulance crew decided to 'pop me' 30 miles down the road to hospital to get checked over.

I was dealt with very swiftly and efficiently, the CDU was very busy. I will be home later.

They think I have had a nasty virus as my wbc was up by all the other blood tests were OK. I have also had the results of my MRI scan, things may not be as bad as first thought. I will get an appointment eventually.

Will be having a duvet day, it's raining, nothing spoiling. DB did manage something to eat, he fried some left over sliced potato and an egg, so did not starve. I must order the WFF make sure there is stuff in.

Thank you for all the messages, my readers are lovely people.

Update: CDU is clinical Decisions  Unit, it's like A & E triage.......I have spent most of the day in bed, did get up for supper, have just had a shower, changed my Jamie's and come to bed again.

There is a basket full of laundry needs doing, DB will be getting instruction in the morning.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


Normal service will be resumed asap. Sweetblondieblueeyes is in hospital.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


A fabulous sunny day, we had a quick trip into Melton for our neighbour, as we came back and turned onto the road down into the vale the sun was sparkling off the windows in the village. Along the road side the daffodils are starting to come out, the snowdrops are still in flower along the road sides as well, very pretty.

I did sleep better last night. DB brought me my breakfast and then I got up, we went round the the little chapel for a cup of coffee and then set off for Melton to put fuel in the car and do a little shopping for ourselves and my neighbour. I should not need to go shopping again for a couple of weeks. Its been ages since we had stovies, corned beef has got very expensive, but I  really fancied a corned beef and sauce crusty cob, so both cobs and corned beef went in my basket. I did enjoy my lunch!!

DB went out to cut the front grass, I went to bed and had a snooze. 

Supper tonight. mince potato and mixed veg, so as the mince was cooked yesterday not much for DB to do except reheat the mince and cook the veg.