Monday, 13 February 2017

What a difference a day makes

Woke up to blue skies and bright sun. Changed the bed, laundry on the line and a second load in, there is a breeze so I should get both lots reasonable dry.

Monday and Friday clean done with help from DB, he loves the Dyson, not moaning but he does miss bits. Shattered now. Will spend the rest of the day on the settee apart from instructing DB in the delicate art of making dumplings and cooking them in the beef stew, he just needs to do some veg, calabrese and cauli, there are carrots in the stew. I plan to write everything down for him, mind you he probably will never use it. 

I finally managed to fill in the form for attendance allowance yesterday, DB has posted be signed for, we will wait and see what happens.

I have to admit I admire Hester and her husband for going ahead and doing what they want to do in their retirement, Hester's blog is on my sidebar. How I would love to be a fly on the wall when she gives in her notice. I am keeping everything crossed that the survey will go well. The narrow boat looks in good nick if the photographs are anything to go by. Here's to them spending the summer cruising on the canals.

No plans for anything this week, might go into town on Thursday will probably need fruit then.

The sponge topped rhubarb took ages to cook yesterday, there is enough for at least 3 more days small helpings.

Waiting for the fabric to come for the applique bits on the play mat, once it comes I can get on and get it finished. update the fabric has arrived so I am going to spend tomorrow sewing.

Supper tonight, beef stew and dumpling, rhubarb sponge for dessert.

I know someone will ask me for the dumpling recipe.....

for 2 people

3 levelish tablespoons of SR flour.

1 slightly heaped tablespoon of vegetarian suet.

1 heaped table spoon of sage and onion stuffing.

Water to mix.

Add salt and pepper to the mix in a bowl. I add enough water to make a sticky dough. The stuffing absorbs water, so you may need to add a drop more after half an hour or so.

Heat your stew either in the oven or in a pan until bubbling. You have a choice you can use a spoon to make small dumplings, split into two large ones or just lob the whole lot onto the top of the stew. It needs about half an hour to cook the dumpling through, although little dumplings will take less time. Use the tip of a knife, puch it into the centre of the dumpling, if it comes out clean, its done, otherwise give it another few minutes and test again. I usually do mine in the oven in a terracotta dish, I spoon gravy over the top of the dumplings and cook at 200c for about half an hour, test in the same way with a knife.

Using sage and onion stuffing was something I started to do years ago when we did our 100 dishes made with mince, I used to add stuffing to the mince to make it go further. The stuffing seems to make a lighter dumpling and its very tasty.

The dumpling just going into the oven

Spoon the gravy over the top of the dumpling

Supper is served, beef stew, dumpling. ca;abrese and cauliflower.

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