Wednesday, 8 February 2017


A quiet day after the last two fairly busy ones. I did not get to sleep till 3am, so feeling a bit like something the cat dragged in and forgot. A decent night tonight should soon put me right.

It was misty first thing, could not see the top of the hill we go up to get to the main road, it cleared a bit during the morning, but its still very cold, raw is a better word. We are so glad we got the heating done, it makes such a difference walking into a warm house.

I have managed to lay the 3 layers of the play mat on the table in the sewing room, not sure whether to pin it or spay it with 505 temporary adhesive........adhesive I think.

I put a load of colours in the washer, they are on the line, its going darker by the minute.....excuse me I will just nip out and fetch them in..................

Thats better, everything in and on the airer, I could feel spits and spots of rain although DB said it was not due to rain until later. We are expecting a frost tonight, so we have the windscreen cover on, we are off to Bingham in the morning, library, iron mongers and Aldi. My neighbour has been across with a list of bits from Aldi, she will be in if the new router comes tomorrow.

Apart from the washing and heating up soup for lunch I have not really done that much. Spent most of the day reading my last library book ready for it to go back tomorrow. DB has just got up after his siesta, hot cross buns and a cuppa await my attention.

I have had a quick walk round the garden, identified a few things that need cutting back a bit. The rock garden container needed stripping and replanting. We need to go to Moore's and pick up half a dozen alpine plants to replace the ones that have been in since we first planted them in 2010 at the cottage in East Linton.

The front needs a bit of weeding doing, once the weather fines up a bit I will try and get some of it done. 

Our neighbour whose garden abutts ours has had her conifer tree stripped, she is not having it taken down, she is going to plant a clematis to scramble up it. Our garden is so much lighter now as well it took a lot of light from the side bed.

When DB was at the meeting on Sunday he was talking to another neighbour who is a local historian, apparently the village lies at the bottom of Harby ridge and the water runs off the rdige down the hill into the village, that explains why our ground is so wet, it will get worse when they build the houses in the field off Harby Lane. Apparently most of the houses in the village built before the 2nd world war had a well in the garden and water from the well was pumped into the houses. I guess most of them have been capped.

Bacon fritatta, jacket spud and rocket salad tonight, last night spag bol was ok, the sauce was a bit wet, but it got eaten.

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