Saturday, 11 February 2017

Ugghhh what a horrid day

I slept better last night although I did wake up a couple of times. It was after 9 am before either of us woke.

Its a horrid grey day, it keeps trying to snow but its not idea how cold it is have not opened the door to see and have no intentions of so doing.

I do have a load of white washing I really should do either today or tomorrow, its bed change on Monday so a big wash then.

We had a nice visit with my quilting friend, she has been very poorly but looks much better, she still has the cough but not as bad as it was. We enjoyed custard dough nuts with our tea and brought two home, we were very naughty and had them after our fish supper......

I was not too happy with the big plain spots in the play mat, I have managed to get some quilt labels which I am going to applique onto the mat in the open spaces. then it will get layered up and quilted, just going to do big sqiggles on it, enough to hold it together,

Visit to the Drs. last night, he thinks that the episodes last week were due to a virus, although how I got it is a mystery, he has upped my medication again. I had to smile he took my BP 3 times and each time it had gone up!! Nothing unusual in that, if the cuff was not so blessed tight it would be better. Still no word from the consultant. Hey ho.

Not doing much today the cleaning can wait. We had a call early this morning, our friends from the chapel, they are taking the service tomorrow morning, think they are trying to increase the numbers, doubt if we will make it. Sunday is our brekkie in bed and slow start day. We will see.

I have worn my brain out sorting out our finances, but its done, as long as DB sticks to it. I will be much happier when the money is back in the account. It is not easy when we have so many hospital visits and car parking fees. He earnt £50 from doing surveys so he is going to have to use that cash to pay for the wood etc for the garden. We do not need seeds, but there are a couple of lots of plants he wants to get, celeriac is difficult to germinate so we will buy plants, I am still using up last years crop. He has been putting money in his savings account to pay his bowls fees which are due next month, and he will give me some cash towards the petrol for our trip to Essex in April. The rest of the money for our holiday I have managed to scrape together in the holiday account we keep in the bank.

Supper tonight is a semi fry up, bacon , grilled, eggs, tomato  and my take on fried bread. 

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  1. I'm glad your quilting friend is recovering well from her malady and that your visit with her was delightful as usual. Oh, my! Custard do-nuts ... now I want one, pretty please! :)

    Sorry your weather is so cold and grey but at least the days are beginning to get noticeably longer. Our odd weather continues with the high today in the low 60s*F and tomorrow's high expected to be in the 70s*F. Our trees are getting the wee leafy haze, daffodils and crocus are in bloom, and the forsythia has lots of buds.

    DH and I are of the opinion that our occasional brief illnesses are acquired when one of us is at the grocery store or the library and happen to come into contact with a germy person. Bingo! Sniffle, sniffle, ache ... sigh.

    I need to do surveys to earn some extra dosh. Wonder if they're available here?

    Hope to sew a bit today but would rather read.



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