Tuesday, 28 February 2017


A bad night again, 4 am and I was still awake. The phone rang at 7.15 am and woke me up!! just 3  hours sleep.

We have to wait in for a delivery, so will not be going out for tea and cake. So we have just had a cuppa and a small bakewell tart each...happy anniversary.

Towels on the line, its quite windy again. DB was in the garden this morning cutting down some of the shrubs, the wind last week had almost blown a lavatera out of the ground. Plenty of weeds to be got rid of.

No real improvement, not sleeping last night has not helped. Hope to sleep better tonight. I did manage a nana nap whilst DB had a siesta, trouble is I feel worse, I always do if I succumb to a nap.

DB is tackling fritatta tonight, mixed herb, served with green salad. I need to do the menu plan for March and a shopping list for Aldi. I hope by this time next week I am feeling a lot better, otherwise I am back to the Drs. I have not the energy to do the ironing so it will have to wait.

Our change to Fibre Broadband has gone ahead, we were without the internet and phone for over an hour whilst the chap worked on the box on the corner, I have checked the speed and its gone to from 3 to over 30.

So herb fritatta and salad for supper tonight, I fancy some roast spuds with it. I bought a bag of frozen roasties, I'll do some in the remoska which the fritatta is cooking. I have some bananas so we will have one later.


  1. So sorry to hear about yet another bad night's sleep and then that horrid early morning phone call. There is NO excuse for anyone calling at that early hour unless it's a true emergency. My mother told me it was rude to call anyone before 10am or 9am if you were baking/cooking and needed to borrow an ingredient. Otherwise, wait until later to call and, likewise, don't call after 9pm. Did you get a similar lesson as a child?

    What an annoyance it is to feel worse after an afternoon nap when you needed the sleep so much.

    It's a sunny day here that will be very warm if the prediction is correct. Rain tonight and tomorrow night are also possible.

    I'm mulling over starting a quick little project but time will tell if that happens.


  2. Hoping that you soon find the answer to feeling better.


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