Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tuesday - Market day

We left home in the mist, it was beginning to clear slowly, as we crested the hill into Melton the sun was just breaking through.

I went into Lidl, DB over to see if the plant  man was on the market. The car park was full but the store almost empty. The cashier said its always the same on Tuesday's, people use the car park to get to the market, they seldom go into the shop.

Freezer and fridge stocked up, no wholemeal bread flower, will have to see if I can get it at Aldi on Thursday.  The only lettuce they had was Romaine which I am not keen on so I got some wild rocket; they had cauli's and calebrese at reasonable prices.We also called at Morrison.

As we turned into the lane the sun was hitting the new cupola on the windmill in Long Clawson. It is no longer operational but it is kept in good condition by the farmer. The lanes at the edge of the villages are showing signs that spring is not far away, some of the trees are showing a greenish tinge and the verges on either side of the road have daffs beginning to peep through, the verges are a picture when they all come out. The bulbs were planted many years ago and have naturalised, they are gradually spreading along. Many of the farmers seem to have used the weather to get the hedges cut, it all looks very smart.

I bought 2 crusty rolls for lunch. DB had cheese and tomato, me? cheese and pickled beetroot, delicious, I could have eaten another one, but an trying to limit what I eat a bit, I want to loose a bit of weight so, although I will never look sylph like, I would like to look less rotund at DGD's wedding in October.

As we sat eating our rolls I noticed the silver birch in our friends garden, it looked so white against the blue sky. Soon it will be covered with green leaves

The bulbs in the garden are pushing through. the pulmonaria has put up new leaves, its the purple one, I have been looking for a white one for some time now....... I need to get out and cut back some of the shrubs, because of the weather in the autumn they did not get done.

I am feeling a bit better this week, I hope it continues.

Last night supper was ok, tonight its spag bol and garlic bread, can he mess that up? We will see.


  1. What a lovely post. Living in the city I do miss seeing the first signs of spring in the hedgerows and country verges. Thank you :-) Oddny

  2. Isn't it always a pleasure to have the grocery shopping finished and put away so the pantry and freezer are full?

    Today our temperature in Virginia is 70*F and it's hard not to run out to plant seeds. Of course, the colder temperatures should return. Oddly, we've had only about 10 really cold days and one good snow. Perhaps I'll rake the dead leaves out of the flowerbeds - but that might be premature, too. Sigh! :) Good luck finding a white pulmonaria.

    Wishing DB well as he cooks again tonight. Noodles can be a challenge to get just right.


  3. Oh I love cheese and pickled beetroot - so good.

    A really nice blue sky. Indeed Spring cones early to dear old England. I still miss my homeland even after many years.

    I am impressed with DB taking on some of your meals. It is fun to read about your life so thank you for the daily read.



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