Monday, 6 February 2017

Tribute to my friend..............

Barbara Anne and I met through another blog 10 years ago. We share a love of quilting and we had both had nursing experience, me in the UK, she in the US.

Through the 10 years we have shared many things, her parents in law were living next door when I first started corresponding with her, sadly they have both died, although Barbara was not a great fan of her FIL the whole family worshiped AMIL, she was a really lovely lady.

Barbara has several medical problems, but she never fails to comment on my blog most days, I must admit I do get concerned if I do not see a comment for a couple of days, but its usually because she has not been feeling too good.

You may remember the quilt I won first prize with at the local show 2 years ago, quite a lot of the fabric came from Barbara which is why I called it my friendship quilt. My other quilting friend Kathy made the applique top border, that quilt is so precious to me.

Thank you Barbara from your friendship over the last 10 years, and may it go on for another 10. You are a very special lady. I doubt we will ever meet in the flesh which is a great shame.

I ended up sleeping on the day bed last night. DB had the wriggles and was driving me slowly round the bend, so out I got, It really is a comfortable bed and does not take long to warm up.

DB was at the meeting last night, the plans for the 25 new houses has gone ahead and we have to find land for another 25 by 2020. The builders have to put a new road in, the village roads are so narrow, it will be difficult to get large loads into the site on Canal Lane. The local school has a very good reputation and has the capacity to take another 50 children. At the moment children are brought in from the surrounding villages. Several of the top class children got places at Grantham Grammar School last year.

Monday clean has been done, kitchen floor washed, we changed the duvet cover on our bed, I had a feeling it was the wrong cover, when I measured it I was right, so off it came, into the washer and it's on the line. A clean cover put on. I also made soup for 3 days lunches, spag bol sauce for tomorrow night supper and have a loaf on. Crackered now.

Today is the mobile library day, so new books. Shopping to do, the freezers are very empty. I am also hoping to go and see my quilting friend on Friday. I have an appointment at the Drs for the results of my blood test late Friday afternoon, so we can call on the way back. I need to talk to him about my BP, the last 2 days I have not gone for a rest after lunch, spent the time reading on the settee and have been fine.

OH getting supper tonight, eggs, wedges and beans, should be interesting!!!


  1. Ta for your very kind words about me and our delightful friendship, our similarities, and our love of quilting. You, too, have been a dear, sweet, and interesting correspondent for these 10 years.

    Applause for your stellar idea to get the daybed as it's already proved its worth!

    Hope the new homes add good neighbors to your village but know the building process will be messy and noisy. Will the new homes be build near your bungalow or further away?

    Wishing DB well as he ventures into the kitchen as head chef this evening!

    We're going to have an interesting day as a fellow is coming to cut down several dead trees and that is always a sad process. Until we moved to this home, I'd never really noticed the life cycle of trees, the seasonal cycle yes, but not that so many trees up and die at times. Ours have been harmed by storms that rocked the trees and damaged the roots. Sigh.

    Perhaps I'll sew while the work is being done.


  2. How nice to read your blog today. I often wondered if you knew each other in another life. Barbara Anne is a very special blog friend. I always enjoy her comments and have wondered where she lives in the States. Such a upbeat lady.

    Goodness you have had a busy Monday. I find I can nap sitting up in an arm chair now that I am a certain age! Interested to hear what your doctor tells you about laying down and BP.

    Good luck to DB with the evening meal - it is a good plan.


  3. One of the reasons I blog is the very good friends I have made. Most I will never meet. But some I have and one in particular has remained a very good friend. Strange world !

  4. That is a lovely tribute to Barbara Anne.
    she sounds like a special lady.


  5. I have so enjoyed the comments your dear friend Barbara Anne leaves for you on most blogs. She has a definite upbeat, supportive spirit. I think reading about the gentle rhythm of your days and seeing the exchange between you and your friend is one of the most pleasant moments of my own. Thank you both for such fine company. How lovely too that your local school is so excellent. Nothing like a bunch of brilliant youngsters to keep a village thriving. I do hope the building won't be too disruptive. I am looking forward to your adventures in gardening this spring and summer as you and DB moved mountains last year and the pictures were so lovely.


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