Thursday, 23 February 2017


At the Drs this morning. More blood tests and BP taken again. Urine sample produced a reading of bacteria, so medication for that. Have to wait for the blood tests to come back. 

I did have a better night, actually managed to sleep till 6.30 before I had to get up for the loo. Not quite as bad today as I have been the last 3 days but still feel I am walking through treacle all the while.

Repaired to bed this afternoon and slept for well over an hour.

Supper sausage and bean casserole with spuds, carrot and calabrese, gravy made with a dash of cheap red wine......yum yum.

The wind has done some real damage, it lifted the plastic greenhouse and took it over the back gate into the front garden, both it and the plant house are broken up, I cannot afford a proper greenhouse, so will do without.  I just cannot keep replacing things. The bird table is flat on the grass and the chairs we store behind the shed are also in the middle of the grass. Just after lunch the wind was really dreadful, I was so glad we got the chimney stack repointed last year.....the thought of it coming through the roof fills me with horror. There is no way I could cope with that right now. It does seem to be dying down a bit.

I heard from my quilting friend, her garden has been decimated, her fence has gone on one side and the arch which carries the roses has also gone. She will be devastated.

I have been watching James Martin in France on my IPad, I really wish I had got DB to recorded the programmes. The one I was watching today was in the south of France at the side of the Canal du of my favourite places. I will have to watch one a day till I manage to catch up.

No sewing done, a good job the baby has not yet put in an appearance, fingers crossed it will not happen until after the weekend.


  1. Lots of damage here too and lots of people knocking on the door expecting me to do something about it!
    Glad you are safe

  2. I'm so sorry the wind did such damage to your garden and to your quilting friend's garden, too. Hope there is a good solution to tether garden sheds in the fence corners to provide extra stability to both the sheds and the fences.

    The winds here are sometimes so much stronger than they used to be. Climate change causes more intense weather and that certainly seems abundantly apparent world-wide.

    Hope your blood tests all come back within normal ranges and that an afternoon nap is all that's needed to keep you feeling lots better.

    Sunny and nearly 80*F here so I'm trying not to rake as my left flank area is talking to me. I'm drinking lots of water instead.

    I started writing this hours ago and was called away so it's nearly dinner time here and I hope you're in serene dreamland since it's very late in your time zone.



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