Sunday, 19 February 2017

Terrible night

DB could not sleep, so I had to be awake too, reading until 3am after consuming cups of tea and cream crackers........I woke just after 8am, woke him then too. I was feeling rather bloody minded. It was fine and he had mentioned about going into the garden. Usual Sunday brekkers in bed, made it up just before 10am.

He is having his siesta now, one hour....thats it......fingers crossed he sleeps tonight.

Supper prepped, veggies done. I have also sewn down a bit more on the playmat, not awfully pleased with the quilting on the back, but it can stay, I just CBA to unpick it all and do it again!!

No plans for the coming week, just take things as they come. Will not be going shopping for at least another 2 weeks unless I need fruit, which I can pick up on Sunday when we go into town for lunch.

It has turned cold, the sun had gone in, so I have lit the fire, I usually do on Sunday afternoon.

A little splash of white at the top of the front garden/

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